‘Who does Jamie Carragher think he is?’ – Liverpool legend’s Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Paris Saint-Germain claim challenged by Trevor Sinclair, who backs French giants to win Champions League

Trevor Sinclair has passionately challenged Jamie Carragher’s view that Neymar and Kylian Mbappe should ‘not be playing for Paris Saint-Germain’.

The Liverpool legend described Ligue 1 as a ‘poor league’ while on punditry duty for CBS as the French side advanced to the Champions League semi-finals at the expense of the holders Bayern Munich.

Neymar and Mbappe are widely recognised as two of the best forwards in world football
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But Carragher says both players are only playing in France for the money

“I don’t think players of the quality of Mbappe and Neymar should be playing for PSG,” Carragher explained.

“They shouldn’t be playing in the French league. It is a poor league, an average league and it’s just about these Champions League nights basically.

“Playing week in, week out in the French league… players of that quality should not be playing in that league, it’s not good enough.

“The top players don’t play in France, they’re only there for money. Nobody can tell me the French league is a top league.

“Why do top players not play in the French league right now?”

And while Simon Jordan echoed Carragher’s feelings about Ligue 1, former Manchester City and West Ham winger Sinclair most certainly did not.

“I’m 100 per cent not having that,” Sinclair said in a passionate discussion on talkSPORT.

“When you look at Mbappe he’s won the Under-19 Euros with France, he’s the World Cup with France, he’s played for Monaco and he’s got a move to the biggest club in France and wants to win the Champions League with them.

And Jordan was in complete agreement with the Liverpool icon

“Who is Jamie Carragher to say he shouldn’t be playing in Ligue 1? Of course he should!

“And once he’s achieved that maybe he’ll go on and experience a different league – LaLiga, the Premier League, the Bundesliga… who knows.

“But I can’t agree with that [from Carragher]. You cannot deny the boy – he wants to do it in the capital of France.”

Sinclair continued: “When he was at Monaco he had 53 games [before signing for PSG].

“Barcelona and all the big clubs are not going to go to a player who has played 53 games at Monaco.

“That’s why he has gone to PSG – because they recognise their talent in their own country.

Sinclair believes Mbappe, for instance, is well within his right to search for Champions League glory at PSG

“It’s like a player going to Celtic or Rangers, then if they prove themselves in that country they might get a move down to the English Premier League.”

Unsurprisingly ex-Crystal Palace owner Jordan had plenty to say in response to Sinclair.

The talkSPORT pundit explained: “How did that work for Lionel Messi though? How did he launch his career in Argentina?

“Or did he just go and play for the biggest club, at the time, in world football where his standards and the standards of football were significantly higher.

“We know that Ligue 1 doesn’t have the same competitive tension as the bigger leagues.

“So what Jamie Carragher is saying, in fairness to Jamie, is that if we want to benchmark this guy and if he wants to benchmark himself against the best he needs to be doing it week it week out.

“Yes he is [doing it] when they’re playing in the Champions League, but how many games is that Trev? Thirteen a season? We’re talking about domestic football here.

“You’re looking upon facts by the fact he’s gone to PSG. If PSG didn’t have a big bag of money that could afford to pay him do you think he’d be at PSG?

“We’re talking about money. If PSG didn’t have this enormous amount of money then they wouldn’t be able to have him.

“All the best players haven’t gone to play for Saint-Etienne or the other French teams as a matter of course – they’ve gone to where the money is!”

Upon returning to air after an ad break, Mr Jordan came back up with a stat which he believed would end Sinclair’s debate once and for all – or so he thought.

Tricky Trev had the final laugh!

Jordan posed the question: “Where did Manchester United sign Anthony Martial from?

To which Jim White, responded: “Monaco”.

A smug Jordan replied: “How many games did he play? It was 49… so there goes Trevor’s argument – you can hear a thousand toilets flushing around the world.”

Sinclair had one final trump to oust Jordan though, insisting: “And how did that work out?”

“Well… yeah, that’s true,” Jordan admitted.

Simon Jordan accepting defeat on talkSPORT… we never thought we’d see the day.

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