Waw😱 Google celebrates jollof rice with doodle

Google celebrates jollof rice with doodle

Google is celebrating jollof rice on its website with a doodle, an alteration of its homepage logo.


Doodle simply marks special holidays, iconic personalities, a widely endorsed concept, or a culture-affiliated idea.

To celebrate jollof rice, the word “Google” was spelled out using the dish and other foods that often go with it.

A click on the doodle opens up a video highlighting the major ingredients for the dish.


Important facts about the quintessential West African dish were displayed.

The major differences between Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof were also stated.

“On this day each year, rice farmers plant and reap a bountiful harvest, and cooks across West Africa prepare to make fresh Jollof,” Google said in a statement.


“Jollof rice is a one-pot meal that originated from the Wolof tribe in the 14th century.

“The Wolof Empire, ruling parts of modern-day Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania, popularized Jollof throughout West Africa.”

In recent years, the jollof rice has gone beyond being a dish to becoming an element of culture with something of activism to back it.

The signature dish has been creating culinary fisticuffs in West and Central Africa, with countries tussling over who is the best at preparing it.

It has become a light-hearted contest that has dragged in politicians, tycoons, celebrities, and other public figures.

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