Warning to Men! This 3 things Kills Your Strength to Perform

Here are 3 tips that can help you get better erections, last longer during s*x with your
woman and also ensure a healthy and strong pen!s that will satisfy your woman…
Before I go into the 3 tips I must tell you the truth. When a man suffers from s*xual
problems like – Weak erect!ons, premature ejaculation, Low s*xual energy etc, these
problems are USUALLY caused by the following:
1.Poor diet and lack of exercise.
2.Stress and psychological problem
3.Excessive masturbati0n and porn0graphy.
there are some things you must avoid to make it work for you.
Now that you know the causes, here are the things you must avoid to make the tips am going to give u to work for you.
1.you need to stop masturbati0n, because too much masturbati0n weakens your manho0d and programs your body system to release sperm! quickly for this short time pleasure.
2. Avoid watching too much p0rn and avoid too much masturbati0n. It kills your erecti0n, Simple!
3. you need to avoid too much alcoh0l consumption before s*x. It’s among those things killing your erecti0n as well.
4. cut down on eating too much red meat.
And here are 3 things to do to help boost your erecti0n starting from today.:
1) Add More Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet; Most men ignore this because of the fast-paced cities that we live in. But the truth is, eating more vegetables and fruits help to renew your body system. It also makes your erecti0n stronger and will increase blood flow to the pen!s naturally.Try to eat much of vegetable meals like bitterleaf soup, vegetable soup,efo riro, egusi soup etc.
Also eat more fruits like watermelon, apples, pineapples, grapes, oranges, avocados,bananas etc. water in these fruits helps boost your s*x drive and you will be able to maintain a better and a harder erecti0n.
2) Do Simple 15minutes Exercises 3 times weekly; Most men do not like this but truth is,simple exercises will help you get stronger erecti0ns naturally.
I understand the city life, go to work very early in the morning and return at night driving to and from in a factory-fitted air conditioned car. But once in a while, try to make out time for simple 15minutes exercises like squat, bench presses, skipping, jogging etc.
These exercises are easy to do, and they give you a stronger heart that enhances your erecti0ns.
3) Use Health Supplements That Boost Your Testerone; One of the natural ways you can quickly start getting better erecti0ns is by using supplements that boost testerone in men. Increased testerone will lead to higher s*x drive, improved energy, alpha male features, and more frequent erections.
You see,another thing increased testerone does for you is to increase your manho0d size and make it look bigger and matured like that of a real man.

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