Twitter Crossed The Line By Deleting Buhari’s Tweet – APC Youth Leader

The All Progressives Congress National Youth Leader, Ismaeel Ahmed, has refuted the claim that the Federal Government banned the operation of Twitter in the country, adding that it was only suspended.

Ahmed stated this while speaking at a press conference ahead of the planned Youths Conference now to hold next week.

Ahmed said, “The government didn’t ban social media as a lot of people will insinuate. It is very important that we know that because Facebook is still in operation, Instagram is still in operation, WhatsApp is still in operation, and a lot of other social media platforms are still in operation.”

“In fact, some people will tell you Twitter is for the elite young people and not necessarily for the general public.”

“I think there are far more subscribers on Facebook in Nigeria than there are on Twitter. But haven said that it is still a very important medium for people.”

“So, whatever it is that the government felt to suspend Twitter, not even ban, there was a suspension and of course, there is a conversation going on between the government and the representatives of Twitter and I’m sure it will be resolved.”

He expressed his support for the decision of the Federal Government to suspend the site, saying the site crossed the line by deleting a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari.

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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