Triple H reveals talks with CM Punk in the past two years as WWE return remains in question

Will CM Punk ever make an in-ring return to professional wrestling?

It’s the eternal question at this point. The former five-time world champion departed WWE in 2014 and hasn’t wrestled since.

Punk made a dramatic return to wrestling via FOX

He had an unsuccessful 0-2 run with UFC and has now moved into MMA commentary. But, he did work with FOX, WWE’s broadcasting partner for SmackDown on the WWE panel show, WWE Backstage.

As soon as the partnership with FOX began in late 2019, everyone was clamouring for Punk and WWE to work something out.

According to Triple H during an appearance Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast, that’s right around the time he last had a talk with Punk.

“Last time I talked to [Punk]? A year and a half… a year and three quarters ago?,” Triple H answered. “A funny thing that people constantly will say, when his return is or… but in some way, I don’t know whether he does or not, but that has to be what he wants.

Punk and Triple H have quite the history on TV

“When people talk about, they go, ‘make the call!’ What says if we make the call he wants to answer? What says if we make the call he doesn’t go, like, ‘Yeah, I’m not interested in doing that anymore.’ Maybe he’s just done with it.

“I think that those are conversations that only those people can directly answer. I think if he wants to do it, either we would get word and we would have those conversations or he would make a call, or you know, anything like that.

“But there has to be a desire there to do something like that. This business is too all in to just go like, ‘Ehhh, alright, I’ll do it.’”

The Game maintains that Punk returning to WWE isn’t off the table, but Punk himself has insisted that a lot of bad blood would have to be buried to make it happen.

Triple H remains open minded about Punk

After Punk walked out the day after the Royal Rumble in 2014, Vince McMahon would send his termination papers on his wedding day. McMahon has since said that was purely coincidental and was not malicious and even apologised for the incident.

“CM Punk worked with us on the FOX show, what, a year ago? There was opportunities there,” Triple H said.

“There were people around each other at all times. You know, again, I’ll never say never but the desire needs to be there on all sides to make that happen.”

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