Tottenham players got Jose Mourinho the sack, declares Neil Warnock – ‘They’ve obviously got someone lined up’

Neil Warnock has let rip at the Tottenham players who he believes cost Jose Mourinho his job.

Mourinho’s 17-month tenure at the north London came to an abrupt end on Monday after he was relieved of his duties by chairman Daniel Levy.

Warnock has a good relationship with Mourinho

Warnock, who revealed in a recent recent press conference that he regularly exchanges texts with the Special One, was disappointed to learn of his friend’s sacking.

“What can you say about that,” Warnock told BBC Tees in reference to Mourinho’s sacking.

“That was one decision that doesn’t come over right to me. They’ve obviously got someone lined up.

“Once again the hierarchy are listening to the players, which is absolutely rubbish.

“Players will have got him the sack, and it doesn’t surprise me at all.

“Unfortunately some owners just listen to the players.

“I’ve seen it in the past where disgruntled players deliberately say something because they know they won’t get a look in. It’s the modern world.

“Some owners listen all the time but some have got more common sense. Player power, call it what you want.”

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