See How to last up to 2-3 hours with your wife [simple method]

Every man likes to last on b*d as much as possible. Similarly, women enjoy s00x only when it lasts. Therefore, it is good to finds ways to impress and thrill your partner on b*d. On this note, I have written this to tell you ways to achieve this.

Firstly, avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Also, walk in the sun in order to be more energetic.

More so, after the first round, try to eat banana, bitter cola, drink water, or wash your h00d. This makes you last longer and do as more rounds as you can.

Furthermore, you can find Lipton of like two bags, warm it and mix it with egg yolk. After ten minutes, drink it. This also boosts your performance. 

In addition, you can mix honey and ginger together and take it on a regular basis. Try this and experience a change. In fact, some women have been reported to have dumped their husbands as a result of their failures to comfort and satisfy them as far as marital affair is concerned.

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