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Rudeboy Showers Praise On “Woman” | The Review

Posted by on June 10th, 2020 Under Music


Rudeboy Woman Review

Rudeboy rains praise in new single “woman” the Review. Throughout the years, society has defined the “perfect” woman. It has been made clear what a successful woman should look or be like. From the housewife to the businesswoman, models of female success have evolved over the years, and despite this, they are still very much scrutinized by society.  Thankfully, Rudeboy ‘Woman” has dispelled notions that there is a “perfect” woman.

When it comes to relationships, every man hopes/prays to find that special woman. But the reality is – there’s no such thing as the perfect woman. Believe it or not, there’s no specially made person for anybody. However, our nature as human beings is to be insatiable. We are never satisfied and because of this, everyone wants the easy life the ready-made partner, the one that has it all so they don’t need to struggle. Sadly, many people end up with the wrong partners because of the idea that there’s the perfect somebody somewhere.

Few Nigerian artistes have mastered the art of addressing life situations and experiences with music. Rudeboy is excellent when it comes to making music that would make any sane individual have a rethink about life. Even after his separation from his brother, Mr P,  it didn’t deter the singer from continuing to soar high and higher when it comes to delivering quality music. The man shamed haters who said he could not stand on his own. His music is melodious, enjoyable, and at the same time, the listener gets to learn one or two things about life. It is safe to say he shattered tables with “Reason with Me” and “Audio Money” as both songs spoke about real-life situations from which people like to shy away.

Reason With Me” saw him sing about an ex-lover who left him because he was broke. She wanted all the most beautiful things in life but wasn’t patient enough to hustle with him. This kind of situation where a girl is a money-sucking machine is rampant in most relationships. It happens every day, and it didn’t take long for the phrase “Reason With Me” to go viral. Got a girl that keeps on demanding for a Gucci and Gabanna dress or a Rolls Royce even when she knows you don’t have the funds? Tell her to Reason With You.  This track’s music video became so popular that it became the most-watched music video in 2019 as it garnered over 50 million views on Youtube.

Audio Money takes a swipe at people who live fake lives just to look cool on the gram. Living an artificial life has become the order of the day, and people have gotten comfortable.  These people go through extreme measures just to keep up with the act. We see people donating cash to people with their mouths only and some claiming properties they couldn’t even own in the next 100 years. Many also felt that he did this to shade his twin brother, Peter Okoye, whom he has a rocky relationship with after he promised to gift Big Brother Naija’s, Tacha, a considerable sum of money when Big Brother disqualified her from the show.

Rudeboy takes risks to sing about these sensitive topics, and the reception is always positive. In this new tune, “Woman” which was produced by Chrisstringz, Rudeboy takes us on another journey about how he met his perfect match, his wife. Its almost like he’s telling a story bit by bit about Rudeboy past experiences because “Woman” from our Review seems like a follow up to “Reason With Me“.

Rudeboy tells the guys trying to find the perfect woman that she doesn’t exist. For a woman to be accurate, she must be God-fearing, hardworking, pretty, and smart, and so on.  Rudeboy stresses that no woman is perfect; everyone woman has flaws; you just have to build her up to your taste once you find her. He also sings about how he and his partner invested in each other and grew to love each other more.

You dey de find a perfect wife, Searching for a perfect one, The life you live is it a perfect one? You know the place where I dey goes, Can’t believe my eyes could see, The day I found my missing rib, She invested her best in me. Yes I know na, so we dey grows… This takes us back to “Reason With Me” where his ex-lover left him for the good life and a new woman (his missing rib) came into his life, invested in him and they both built an empire.

If you dey finds this woman, Pretty woman, That perfect woman wey go dey by your side, That God-fearing woman, That kind of woman, Brother build am yourself…… This further explains that one should find a partner and build together as it doesn’t have to be perfect.  In the second verse, he explains that a relationship is a compromise paid with the full price. He also talks about how people suffer to justify their hidden pain, but love wins at the end of the day. “Relationship is a compromise, Paid in full with the perfect price, Unstable like a waving flag; You know the place where I dey go. So many people dey break, To justify their hidden pain, But you can’t take the love out of the way, Yes I know na, so we dey grow.”

As always, Review Rudeboy Woman shows its a track released only to educate his fans. It turned out great because learning experiences, especially from those that have been through it all, is one of the critical things in life. No wonder the song has amassed a million views on Youtube because people love the song and its message. The track deserves the attention it is receiving because the beat, lyrics, arrangement, and melody are all top-notch.

At first, listen, the song sounded like “Reason With Me” which almost put me off but its content and lyrics got my attention. Rudeboy is surely riding back to superstardom, just like the old days.

Our Rudeboy “Woman” Review would be getting a 6.5 rating.

Not satisfied with my rating? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below

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