Roman Reigns WINS WrestleMania 37 main event in triple-threat classic with Edge and Daniel Bryan

WrestleMania 37 finished with the triple-threat match for the Universal title between champion Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and 2021 Royal Rumble winner Edge.

The match will surely go down as a classic and, for once, fans weren’t sent home happy with a big babyface win.

Roman Reigns, Daneil Bryan and Edge closed WrestleMania and they did not disappoint

Reigns attempted to bully Daniel Bryan out of the gate and upon sending the Leader of the Yes Movement to the outside, Jey Uso attacked him. Edge got the same treatment moments later.

The next move from the Tribal Chief was to set up the table, but a suicide from Daniel Byran delayed proceedings. Edge was able to get the upper hand on Uso and an Impaler DDT onto the steel steps put him out of commission.

Bryan attempted another suicide dive to the outside on Reigns after a nice back-and-forth with Edge, but Reigns caught the former four-time champion and gave him a belly-to-belly suplex on the outside.

Roman Reigns looked like a beast

Edge then planted Reigns with an Impaler DDT when Reigns was looking for the Superman Punch. Once Reigns did land it, both men attempted to spear each other and it resulted in a nasty collision.

Two top-rope diving headbutts from Daniel Bryan on each man brought the next near-fall. After some yes kicks, Bryan hit Edge with a running knee and then delivered a final Yes kick to Reigns for another near-fall.

Edge then broke up the Yes Lock when Reigns was in dire trouble. For his efforts, Edge was then put in the Yes Lock but this time Reigns saved the matchup.

Both Edge and Daniel Bryan had the Yes Lock applied

Reigns would then put Bryan through the announce table with a powerbomb, but Edge then ran in and speared Reigns out of his boots!

Edge followed that up by getting Reigns in the crossface, but Bryan then applied it from the other side! Edge and Bryan tried to headbutt each other and that led to the holds being relinquished.

Edge nailed a couple of Spears on both men, but Bryan pulled the referee out before he could count the three. That led to the Rated-R Superstar going to get some steel chairs and he had con-charitos on his mind.

Roman Reigns would win the match by taking out his foes with a chair

He landed on Bryan, but Jey Uso delayed Edge long enough to make sure Reigns could hit a spear. Once Edge was down, Reigns hit the con-chairto on Edge, pinned both men and retained his title.

What a classic triple-threat that was! Roman Reigns’ career-defining title run continues and WrestleMania signed off in style.

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Roman Reigns’ historic run as champion continues

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