Relationship Tips :- 6 Signs You Are Insecure in your relationship


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Have you ever felt like you don’t like someone because that person always seems better than you? Are you threatened by the mere presence of that someone? If you feel this way to a certain somebody, then you are probably insecure with him or her.

Hard to admit, right? However, if you want to overcome this, then you need to accept the reality first. You have to face your insecurities and fight them head-on before they swallow you up.

So, what are the signs that you are insecure with someone? Here are six of them:

1. Stalking That Person’s Facebook Is Your Addiction.

If a day does not pass by without checking on the timeline of a certain individual, there are only three probable reasons for that: one, you got a crush or in love with him or her; two, you are an avid fan; three, you consider that person your rival. If your reason is not one or two, then the answer is obvious. You want to be updated by his/her every move so you know if you are ahead or behind—and you and your friends have something to talk about.

2. When S/He Does Something Bad, You Criticize; When S/He Does Something Good, You Criticize.

Whether the person does something negative or positive, you still think and talk badly about him/her. When s/he does bad, you tell yourself you are right about that person. On the other hand, when s/he does good, you convince yourself s/he is a hypocrite. In your eyes, s/he cannot do anything right.

3. You Secretly Steal Glances At His/Her Outfit.

Every time that person passes by, you can’t help but stare at him/her from head to foot. You want to make sure that you look better. Whenever you are aware that your paths will cross, you see to it that you put your best foot forward. You will never let him/her outshine you. And when everybody compliments his/her stunning fashion, you always find a flaw or bad angle.

4. You Hate It When S/He Gets Praised By Others.

This is in connection to # 3. You really hate it when that person gets all the admiration, especially in the public. You keep telling yourself s/he does not deserve it, and you are way better than him/her. Then, you try to steal the limelight by showing off. You can’t accept defeat!

5. You Feel Good When S/He Fails; You Feel Bad When S/He Succeeds.

You actually know it is wrong, but you can’t help it. You let out the evil laugh in your mind whenever you find out that person flops at something. S/he is a loser, after all, you say. You feel so good, and it makes your day. However, when s/he celebrates success, it irritates you—and it ruins your mood.

6. Surpassing Him/Her In Everything Is Your Ultimate Goal.

Competing against that person becomes your motivation to improve yourself—whether he knows it or not. You want to prove that you are better than him/her in every way. S/he is a threat to you, because probably s/he does better in an area you are passionate about like sports or studies. Or maybe you are constantly compared to this person by people you want to appreciate. Or probably s/he is the love interest of your special someone, and you just can’t see what s/he has that you do not have.

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