RELATIONSHIP TIPs :- 12 Reasons Why Women Can’t Leave A Cheating Man

Often times infidelity spells the end of a relationship or marriage, but not always. When a woman cheats on her husband, there is a higher likelihood of the marriage ending in divorce than when the man cheats. So just why do women stay with men who cheat on them? We have listed reasons given by psychologists, marriage counsellors and studies:
The children:
You will be amazed how many marriages are being held together by children. Thinking of the emotional trauma separation brings to children, some women may decide to stay on the marriage with a cheating husband.
Most religions frown upon divorces. Some women take that part in the marriage vows that says ’?Till Death Do Us Part’ too seriously and would rather die than leave their philandering husbands.
Sometimes women stick to their cheating husbands because they will lose their status otherwise. For instance, if your husband is the vice president, you are the vice president’s wife and you are accorded all the perks that come with it. If you divorce him, you lose the status as well and the only tag that remains is, the vice president’s ex-wife.
Societal stigma:
It is no secret that society still reserves some sort of disdain for women who have left their homes. This stigma and fear of losing the ‘married’ tag could cause some women to stay put despite their husbands’ adultery. Some sections of the society still hold on to the archaic notion that women should keep their families together, however dire the situation gets.
Too scared to be lonely:
Who wants to be lonely? Sometimes after spending too much time with someone, your lives get entwined. The thought of being lone would be too much.
Just the thought of all the time spent in the marriage, that will go to waste if she files for divorce, this causes the woman to consider the option of staying.
Emotional investment:
Physical ties can be broken but emotional ties are something else. That is why most women even end up making excuses for their cheating husbands, because emotional investments are hard to reclaim.
Resources and money:
Most women fear striking out alone when their husbands cheats, especially if they were wholly or to some extent, financially dependent on their husbands.
Starting from scratch:
Marriage, family and its routines create some sort of stability in the lives of both the man and woman. Leaving the cheating husband can be hard because it means disrupting the woman’s entire life and starting afresh. This is an undertaking most women may not be ready to try.
Feeling Guilty:
When a woman feels responsible for her husband’s cheating, she might decide to stay with him in order to try and make things right. This line of thought can be shaky, because whether to cheat or not is an individual’s choice, and cannot really be blamed on their partner.
Feeling inadequate:
Cheating often leads to feelings of inadequacy. The wife might feel unworthy of a finding another partner in case they leave their husband.
If Cheating Is The Only Problem:
If apart from the cheating, her husband treats her well and pays attention to her, a woman might be led into looking past her husband’s cheating.

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