RELATIONSHIP TIP :- Women Enjoy These 8 Surprises But SHE MAY Never Ask You To Do Them.

No matter what kind of woman you are dating, regardless of what she says out loud, little surprises that show your romantic side will always be appreciated. Men, I don’t know if you know, but women love surprises. Regardless of what kind of woman you are dating, and regardless of what her preferences are, we all enjoy those small, cute gestures. I am not talking about fancy dinners and luxurious trips. I am talking more cute good-morning texts and hand-picked wildflowers. Here are eight little wonders you can do to surprise a woman that will surely put a smile on her face and nine you a permanent place in her heart;
1. Leave Her Cute, Good-morning, Love Texts
She knows you love her. But there is no harm in leaving a small reminder every once in a while. Especially when it is in the form of an adorable good-morning note.
2. Spontaneous Shopping Trips
The majority of women love to shop; it’s practically in their blood. However, put aside your personal opinion on buying for the moment ( if you don’t like it) and take her anyway. She will adore you taking the time out of your day to go through the hustle and bustle that is shopping. If you’re lucky, she’ll put on a fashion show and strut her sexy self just for you.
3. Bring Her Breakfast In Bed
I know it sounds cliché, but it is the cutest cliché that ever existed. Let’s face it. Personally, I don’t think there is anything more thoughtful and cuter than bringing your loved one a freshly squeezed orange juice and French toast in bed. Who is with me?
4. Send Her Flowers
You don’t even have to buy her an expensive bouquet to make her day and put a smile on her face. Seeing you with only a single flower in your hand will immediately make her the happiest woman alive. Believe me. It is not a gift. It is the thought that counts. The fact that you care about her and want to see her smile.
5. Compliment Her When She Least Expects
Show her off to the world and let her know much she means to you. Compliment her in front of others. But don’t do it just because. Do it because you really mean it. She will know and she will appreciate you for it.
6. Surprise Her With Her Favorite Home-cooked Meal
Buy all the ingredients and surprise her with a lovely dinner. She will love you for doing that. Even if the food is overcooked.
7. Buy Her Tickets For Her Favorite Movie
Cover her eyes and tell her that you are taking her somewhere special. Watching her favorite movie may seem like it is nothing, but trust me, to her it will be everything. The fact that you cared enough to make time for this date and take her to see something so special like her favorite story shows her that she truly means the world to you.
8. Take Her Out On a Date
Somewhere romantic. Somewhere you would both enjoy. It is truly sad how we’ve completely forgotten the concept of going out.
“Season Greetings”

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