RELATIONSHIP TIP :- Five things your man will never tell you

Often times, in your relationship, as much as many things are communicated, there are many more things which your man may not necessarily tell you. He may not be ‘hiding’ them or keeping them as secrets but he will not just tell you.
Of these many things, here are five major things he will never let you know.
1. He compares you with other significant women in his life
Your man, in his mind has compared you with every lady he has ever had a crush on, liked or dated. If he stays with you still, he loves you anyway.
2. He knows when you lie
This happens when you lie about simple things like the cost of your hair or something of sort. He might give you a knowing smile or just let it pass. But he knows.
3. Your ears are dirty!
Please always clean your ears. I mean the part of your ear where your earwax slides from. He will notice the brownish solid but will never tell you to go clean them.
4. The girl who winks at him
Your man may notice that another girl is crushing on him or winks at him often. He won’t tell you about that girl. He is not about to cheat but he will not tell you still.
5. When he checks your phone
If your man checks your phone and does not find anything which implicates you or connotes cheating, he won’t tell you. He will just respect you the more and be nicer for no reason. He will never let you know he checked your phone.

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