RELATIONSHIP GIST :- Why Girls like bad boys

Bad boys don’t care about who you are, they live their life how they wish, they don’t kiss up to any lady, in fact, they get aggressive when she throws some controlling tantrums.
They don’t mind embarrassing her in public just to get their point across.
In summary, they are mainly( ”ball-full”) because they know that every relationship has a CONTROL NOB, and the party who SENDS less has it. and that same party dictate how the relationship roll. the party basically has the MUMU SWITCH of the other party and therefore can control the other party without as much as saying a word…..just a look or a sound, would suffice.
Women are aware of this potent power by design, they also know that the power lies with the guy from creation and would do everything possible to Steal, (they do this either to test if the guy is truly what they make of him or just plainly acting, or they just love being in control).
Now I am not advocating you become this crude: here is How u can tap the positives off bad boys and be one yourself
Be yourself at all times: what does this mean? It means don’t live your life to please any girl. Learn the act of saying no to some of her demands even though she knows u are capable of the same. A girl that u always yield to, would soon friend zone u. You ain’t worth been her man.
Know this, girls are looking for a Guy they will be controlling, not the one that will be controlling them.
learn to always be in charge. This can only happen when u lay your bed right from the beginning.
Yea I know, this is an enormous order but it is very easy when u bring Your emotions under check before u even think of dating.
Can you guys permit a lady to be controlling you anyhow she wants?
Can you ladies do what against Wish of your guy?

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