Rangers legend Ally McCoist condemns social media video of Neil Lennon and says ‘invasion of privacy’ of former Celtic manager is ‘complete disgrace’

Ally McCoist has branded the person who filmed Neil Lennon ‘a disgrace’ after a video surfaced online of the former Celtic manager.

A video clip of the 49-year-old has been circulated on social media, believed to have been recorded in England on Tuesday.

Lennon was filmed in a spot of bother online and the video has been widely shared online

The man filming the ex-Bhoys boss can also be heard verbally abusing the Northern Irishman, shouting: “See you Neil, you ginger c***”.

And Rangers legend McCoist was appalled when was asked about the video by host talkSPORT Breakfast host Laura Woods on Wednesday morning, saying it was a gross invasion of privacy.

Woods also condemned the ‘disgusting’ actions of the person filming Lennon, who recently resigned from his dream job when he parted company with Celtic in February.

“I find stuff like this disgusting”, said the Breakfast host.

McCoist condemned the actions of the person who filmed Lennon in a spot of bother

“We don’t know what state they’re in and how vulnerable they feel.”

A furious McCoist, who admitted he has been filmed in similar situations to Lennon before, added: “It shouldn’t be allowed. In my opinion it’s a complete and utter invasion of his privacy.

“And by the way I’ve been that way when you’re worse for wear with beer and alcohol. 

“I’m not going to preach to anybody about it but I think the invasion of privacy is a complete disgrace.

“That is one of the worst inventions in the world; the camera phone. It gives people the license to take absolute liberties and it’s a scandal.”

Regular talkSPORT Jamie O’Hara also issued a strong response to the video and sent a message to the person who recorded Lennon, and anybody who is tempted to do the same when they see a famous face in public.

O’Hara revealed his utter contempt for the person who filmed Lennon and then shared the video

“If you get a phone out to record somebody who’s clearly in a bit of bother, instaed of helping them, then you’re the w****r,” the former footballer wrote on Twitter

“Society is gone and everyone is just ready to try and make a name for themselves off someone else’s troubles.

“It makes me sick.”

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