Miracle tree found with the structure of Jesus Christ on the cross

Some of us have seen the famous tree with the structure of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross making the rounds on social media as the wonder and miracle from God to validate the Christian faith.
What we do not know is that there is more to the story than meets the eye. In fact, I was amazed as well, after seeing the picture, I decided to do some digging to confirm the authenticity of the picture myself.
The truth is much more real and interesting than the tree being a supernatural and miraculous tree. You should know that the tree is called the Jesus Tree of Lebanon.
The tree that looks like the picture of Jesus crucified is not the wonder of God but a man made sculpture. The name of the artist is Rudy Rahme, a Lebanese poet, painter and sculptor. This image of Christ was carved out of a dead cedar tree in the forest of the Cedars of God in Northern Lebanon.
Rudy Rahme in fact produced several Jesus trees. Below are some of his works

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