I’m in love with my cousin and always jealous whenever his girlfriend is around. -Chioma spill

“Call me any name you like but the truth is that since childhood, I’ve always crushed on my cousin and I’m in love with him now. He feels the same way too but because we are blood related, we have our partners yet I get jealous whenever his girlfriend is around.
Let me even confess that we have kissed and have both gotten to that point we could have slept with each other but we didn’t give in to that desire knowing that it would be a taboo if we ever do, the urge was high.
Now that we are home in our town for the Christmas holiday, we are always together, our families know that we are so close but what they don’t know is we have even kissed. His girlfriend came to visit and I was not comfortable with around, I just fake smiles around, I’m so jealous she’s with my cousin.”
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