“I started 2019 single and I’m ending it single” — Lady laments; vows to find a Man in 2020 by Force

It is in human nature to constantly crave for love. Of course, there is nothing bad in finding someone to call a soulmate who you can simply spend the rest of your life with, in happiness.

There are many benefits of being in love with the right person. Being in love with the right person will give you the following: Happiness, Joy, Peace of mind among many other things.
A lady has actually taken to the social media, Twitter to be precise, to decry the fact that she started the year 2019 as a single lady and that she is also ending the year as a single. She feels that is actually not good enough.
And now as a result of her singleness, she has vowed to make sure she correct such mistake by ensuring it doesn’t repeat itself in the year 2020. She promised to use a very aggressive method to achieve this.
This was what she said:
I started this year single and I’m ending it single☹️ but you see next year it’s either I get hitch or you get hitch by me but Sha there must be a hitching. This is my last year without a Boyfriend. I swear 😶
2020 my year of Aggressive dating 😊

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