How Uyo Bisexual Married Women Have Affairs With Other Women With Their Husband’s Knowlegde – Nigerian Lady Exposes

A Nigerian woman has taken to the microblogging platform to narrate how married women have affairs with other women with their husband’s knowledge in Uyo.

According to Eddy Fontaine, a 30+ lady who’s resided in Uyo via her Twitter page narrated how Bisexual women who are married engage in extramarital affairs with women, having the approval of their husbands. She also added that husbands to these women run around town with their prefered girlfriend.

In her own words, she wrote;

”Lol. Uyo is pure trips. Lesbians/bisexual women who are married are having affairs with women in town (sometimes with their husbands knowledge)1while their husbands are running different parols with girls in town. Everybody is happy.”

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