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How To Make Any Girl Jealous, Or Make Her Beg for Your Attention

Posted by on July 4th, 2020 Under Relationship tips


If you are looking to attract a girl, you have come to the right place. Here’s how to make a girl jealous and leave her begging for your attention.

The girls are quite complicated. I am not going to lie. They tend to be picky, irrational, and sometimes even crazy. What men must understand about women is that they are not easy to understand. However, jealousy can definitely trigger our attention. Knowing how to make a girl jealous can go a long way in your dating efforts.

Girls love attention. They want to be the center of yours and when they are not, then it becomes boring. That’s why making a girl jealous can actually make her love you more. The trick is knowing how to do it in a not so obvious way.

The girls just want to feel special

If you only take something out of this reading, it’s that girls need to feel special. It is really what drives us to do what we do. If they feel forgotten and do not receive your attention, we will begin to work very hard to achieve this.

To be honest, it brings out their animal side. Women also have a competitive nature. And if you challenge us, we will bring it. That’s why jealousy is a great way to get a girl’s attention and make her work for you.

How To Make A Girl Jealous

The problem with making a girl jealous is that if they find out what you’re doing, they’re just leaving. So you have to be smart about it and do it in a way that they don’t even notice.

If you want to make a girl jealous but you are not sure how, don’t worry. I am here with your complete guide to get your work caught your eye. Follow these tips and she will dominate you right away.



1 Be hot and cold. This technique to make a girl jealous works fantastic. When you pay attention to it and then ignore it, it will make it fight harder for your attention. She will savor a little of what you have to offer and then look forward to it.

So when you’re with her, pay close attention and compliment her for a while, but then ignore her. her other times will drive her crazy and she will want to get your attention back.

2 Praise the girls around her. Nothing makes a girl more jealous than the one left out. If there are other girls around you, give her little compliments. Nothing too crazy, though. Just comment on how you like her outfits, hair or even shoes. If you really want to drive a girl jealous, call another girl “really cool” right in front of her.

3 Laugh at something another girl says. The thing about girls is that they all want to be fun. They all want to be the one to make a man laugh because it’s a rarity. So if you laugh a lot at something another girl says, she will go crazy with jealousy.

He will start telling jokes and try to make you laugh too. If she does this, stay firm and don’t laugh. Even if you think something is fun. You can smile and acknowledge the joke, but keep the laughter inside.

4 Get innocently physical with another girl while she watches you. This does not mean slapping or kissing her with another girl. This just means touching another girl on the arm, the lower back or even hitting her on the shoulder.

Giving these little touches will make a girl really jealous. It’s because you’re making the other girl feel special. And since all the girls want that special feeling, it will make her jealous of not being able to get it.

5 Talk about how cool another girl is to her. You don’t have to talk about another girl or anything serious. As long as you’re talking about how fun or cool another girl is, she’ll go crazy with jealousy. She will want to show you that she is also fun and cool, which can work very well for you.

6 Ignore her text messages and calls, but interact with another girl on social media. A great way to make a girl jealous is to ignore her messages and calls, but to be in active communication with other girls online.

If you tag a girl in a photo on Facebook or even share something with someone else’s profile, she will go crazy. She will want to be aware of the joke and will make her really jealous.

7 Post pictures with other girls on social media. The best way this works is if the images you post are from a place where that girl was with you. However, just post your photos with other girls and don’t post the ones you have with her. She will be really jealous for this. When she is not being “displayed”, it will drive her crazy.

8 Talk about how much fun you felt when you did something without it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be with other girls, either. If you had a good time with the boys, start talking about how amazing it was.

Girls want to be the most fun for you. So when you have a great time without it, it will make her really jealous.

9 When you are with her, laugh at the texts you receive. When you look at your phone and laugh at something you don’t know, it will make you jealous. Again, the girls want to be responsible for making you happy. They want to be the ones to make you laugh. So if we are not and someone else is doing that job, they get jealous.

10 Ignore while talking to others in a group. If you’re standing in a group with other people, ignore it. Talk to everyone else. Laugh at all her jokes, but don’t recognize her when she says something. Don’t be downright rude if she’s speaking directly to you, just don’t talk to her specifically in the group.

What To Avoid Doing To Make A Girl Jealous

As much as there are good ways to make a girl jealous, there are also some things you should avoid altogether. Don’t do the following things to make a girl jealous because they will only piss her off.

1 Kiss another girl in front of her. This just shows a girl that you love someone else. That is not the point of making her jealous. She will just walk away and keep going if she sees you doing this.

2 Discard it entirely. If you exclude her, that won’t make her jealous. What it does is make you feel that you are not interested at all.

And if you’re trying to make her jealous, you should be interested. Therefore, she will accept that you do not want her in your life and that she will stop trying to catch you completely.

3 You disappoint her. Insults never make a girl jealous. In any case, they will only anger and hurt her. Those two things will not win your affection. Instead, they’ll make me write to you like an asshole and move on to the next boy.

Knowing how to make a girl jealous can work to your advantage most of the time. You can force her to notice you and ask her to pay attention to you.

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