GISTs :- You Are Not A Real Man If You Do Any Of These Eight Things

Being a real man takes more than having beards or six packs. There are number of donts that a real guy has to stick to. It has to do with your relationships and life in general. Below are what a real man should never do the following:
1. Take Drugs, Drink alcohol Or Smoke When Feeling Depressed.
These actions will never help you, rather it will push you in dark. Run from it.
2. Enter Secret Relationship With Anyone
Your relationship should be private but never a secret. Otherwise the consequences are waiting for you.
3. Gossip
Dont gossip about anyone or anything even if you know much about it. People are always observing you. If you keep passing comments on others they will lose respect for you too sooner or later.
4. Don’t Call Your Ex After Warning You Not To
You have your self respect and remember they have left you or you have left them for a reason. Remember that.
5. Don’t Say “I love you” to Anyone If You Don’t Mean It
These 3 words can be a whole world for someone. Don’t fake it if you don’t mean it.
6. Judge People By Their Looks Or Possessions
Don’t try to judge people by their clothes, skin or money. This world is changing with every single second, you never know who will reach where.
7. Never Abandon Your Parents
Don’t leave your parents. It is your duty to take care of them. Because they have introduced you to this world.
8. Upload Intimate Photos On Social Media
These may be used against you later in life. Be careful you don’t know who’s watching you.

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