GIST :- see what your birth day says about your personality.

people born on Mondays are motherly, sensitive, adaptive, and kind. Though the research suggests Monday babies are physically attractive, too. Believe what you wish.

These people are brave, impatient, energetic, active, and driven to succeed, they’re “full of grace.”

Wednesday’s children are very communicative. They’re also versatile, and a bit careless, according to research they’re also very melancholy,

Thursday’s babies get to be the life of the party. Of course, Thursday’s child are beautiful and attractive. Research shows 70% Thursday babies are slim. They only know how to argue very well.

Friday is a day of love, balance, beauty, romance, elegance, and pleasure. Yippee! Lucky Friday babies like me are social people, artistic, and obsessed with beauty and love, though we can also be downright narcissists, which, fair.

Saturday babies are sensitive in nature. they are modest, studious, wise, practical, and strict. Fun!

Sunday babies are so beautiful and attractive than any other babies born on the other days. Because Sunday is a free day. They are friendly and accommodating.

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