[GIST] Always Do This After Sexw

At the mention of sex, different thoughts and feelings comes to One’s minds. To some people, it’s can be negative thought, some positive thought while some it’ll be sadness and some happy mode. Albeit whatever thought or feeling you might portray,there are some “special things” about been a regular partaker of sex,i mean, “there are benefits attached when engaged in a HEALTHY SEX LIFE”.

Below are some of the benefits;
1.It’s Lowers Heart Attack Risk.
2.Counts as exercise
3.Lowers your blood pressure
4. Improves women’s bladder
5. Increases self-esteem
6. Promotes bonding
7. Boosts your libido
8. Lessens pain
9. Improves sleep
10. Eases stress

However,these aforementioned benefits may appear so interesting BUT, there’s this outcome in which One might be anxious of if he/she isn’t yet ready to welcome it before or after engaging in sex regards one reason or the other. That’s PREGNANCY!
So, in order to lessen or get rid of your anxiety before or after engaging in sex, you’ll have to consider

PREGNANCY PREVENTION. Here is a natural remedy for pregnancy prevention;
INGREDIENTS; Lime and Lipton Tea

PREPARATION: Boil 8 pieces of lime and 6 bags of Lipton tea.
DOSAGE: Drink one cup once daily for 2 days. Boil and do this after having sex.

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