Floyd Mayweather has meeting with UFC boss Dana White, but third man in room could be clue about what’s being discussed

Floyd Mayweather and UFC president Dana White have been pictured after a fresh meeting and are seemingly attempting to resurrect plans to work together this year.

But it is the third man in the photo who seemingly could be a clue about what’s being discussed.

Dana posted this picture in the early hours of Wednesday morning
Dana White – Instagram

When Mayweather retired from boxing in 2017, his last fight was against Conor McGregor.

This deal was put together by Floyd’s team and White (on behalf of McGregor).

Then, at the end of 2018, when Mayweather returned to the ring for an exhibition bout in Japan, he did so under the banner of RIZIN.

RIZIN are a major Japanese MMA promotional outfit who made headlines worldwide by staging that exhibition.

Floyd knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa in three short minutes on New Year’s Eve 2018
Getty Images – Getty

And it is RIZIN’s CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara who has been pictured with Mayweather and White now.

If the three are planning to link up as expected, this appears to hint it will be to stage further Mayweather exhibitions across the globe.

In late 2019, Floyd and Dana posted social media announcements teasing a collaboration in 2020.

However, White later revealed that the coronavirus pandemic scuppered these plans.

Dana White is the president of the UFC
2020 Josh Hedges

He told ESPN: “The world imploded [due to COVID-19] after we were talking about doing some things together.”

Now, it appears these plans might be resurrected.

More recently, Mayweather has made it clear he is still planning to do further exhibition fights.

Towards the end of 2020, he announced a second bout in Japan, which did not come to fruition.

White promoted Mayweather vs McGregor
Getty Images – Getty

He also confirmed a meeting with YouTuber Logan Paul, which was postponed and is supposedly still in the process of being rearranged.

Floyd told the Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast: “I can fight a fighter right now and I can guarantee myself $35million.

“I can eventually probably make $50million, for just a regular fight.

“Or me and Logan Paul can go out, entertain, have fun and make nine figures $100million or more.

“Everybody thinks that ‘retired’ means at home with your feet up and picking up weight.

Mayweather and White were planning to link up in 2020
Getty – Contributor

“I prefer to go out, still entertain and have fun.

“Just because I still go out, entertain and have fun doesn’t mean that I still wanna fight for 12 rounds.

“I think we’ve got a six-round exhibition. I think it’s gonna be very entertaining for the people, I think people are gonna love it.

“$35million for 12 rounds or $100million for six rounds – big difference.”

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