Fausa Eleja S01 E11 – E15

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I told her it was a guy thing and assured her it was just important we see, talk for just a short time and then return to be with her.

I decided to freed myself fom her that moment because I could vividly deduced from her look that she had missed me so much and was about to inititated a romantic play which would not lead to s*x like we do before, not knowing my thought was far different from her otive………………so, I lied, I would be return that day which I didn’t keep. I spent the night in fausa place at gate. It was one of the most memorable night of my life.
Fausa’s apartment was great, cool. And there was constant power supply.

With everything that happened and fausa’s frustration, I became anxious of moving in to join her. Though she was mounting pressure on me; I guess it was high time I take the decision, let seyi know that I was no longer in love with her again. All throughout the night, my phone was switched off, I didn’t want to receive seyi’s call. I know seyi will be worried. As I was going back home, I thought about the first day I la!d my eyes on seyi, that first love for her that struck me, all that had faded away. I was asking myself how.

I thought of what seyi will do when I tell her that I want a break-up; she loves me so much, I loved her but, that was then, that love had varnished. I am now thinking of a new life with Fausa. I got to the house, immediately I entered the gate, seyi was sitting on a bench on the veranda, I guess she was worried and was waiting for me to come in.

She ran towards me immediately, I thought she wanted to slap me but no, she hugged me, “where have you been since.

I have been trying your line but it was switched off,” she said. I told her I slept over at my friends place. “You should have atleast called me, you got me worried” she said, I told her I was sorry but there was no network coverage at the area. I lied to her, I told her that the friend I went to visit (seye), took me to another friend’s place, and there was no network, and we couldn’t come back, we had to sleep over. She dragged me to her room.

She was just talking of how she tried my mobile number several times, called couple of my friends to know if I was with them.

I kept mute as she talked.

She noticed I was not talking as she talked,
“What is wrong with you, are you okay” she asked, “I want us to break up,” I replied her.

She looked at me as if I was joking.

“Stop joking around joor, na hunger dey do you this, you better wait let me cook so you eat” she said to me. As she stood up to leave my presence, I held her left hand and dragged her back, “I am damn serious, let’s just go our separate ways” I said to her.

She laughed out loud, “leave my hand joor, I have something on fire, let me go and check it before you start all this your play” she said again; “am moving into Fausa’s house by Saturday” I said, immediately she hear that, she turned around and faced me,
our eyes met, I saw those emotions in her eyes, the pain that I have disappointed her.

“Why, how manage, when, what are you saying” are you with your sense atall?

Moving and be staying together with a witchhhhhhhh…….she screamed; she was finding it difficult to alter words out of her mouth. i released my hands on hers, I left for my room, she followed me immediately, as I entered my room, she followed me, “wait, I want to understand what you are saying” she said, “you mean you are leaving me for fausa” she said again, “yes” I replied; “Is this a joke or what” she asked, I didn’t know what to say again as I looked into her eyes as tears was rolling down her cheeks. I knelt down, held her two toes, begging her to forgive me. I know she felt betrayed and disappointed in me.
Even me sef dey feel bitter.
Looking at her sharing those tears in my presence, I wished that love I once had for her will come back.

Indeed I have truly betrayed her, how I wish I could find a way of making it up to her.

She turned and left my room, leaving me still kneeling down. I stood up, brought out some of those things she bought for me, took them to her room, she was sitting on her reading chair holding a picture we took together.

I dropped those things on her table.

As I was leaving, she called my name, I turned to her, “so you are serious that you are leaving me” she asked,
I was totally speechless, I don’t know how to answer her. I was still looking into her eyes, “Yes I am” I said, I turned around and left.

30 minutes later




heading to gate, my neighbors who were outside saw us and began to laugh, hailing us, “love nwantiti”

one of the elderly man there said, only if they knew that that the love has gone sour, and that all was not well with us. I dropped her outside the gate and came inside while she
left for school. I repeated the second day, third, fourth and, on the fifth day was a Saturday, I didn’t know where she was going that morning, but she was all dressed up as
at 8am, I was washing my cloths outside when she came to tell me that she was ready.

I greeted her, she didn’t even answer me. She turned her back and left after telling me she was ready.

I rinsed my hands and followed her. I know she was pained, she has the right to be because I have disappointed her, I failed her when I left her, I allowed my friends to mock her because I was cheating on her. As I carried her, I noticed she had lost some weight, she was so lite on my hands. She must have been thinking and worrying so much that she doesn’t even know that she was losing weight

The 6th day was a Sunday, I carried her to the gate. When one of my neighbor’s 6 year old daughter saw us, she started laughing and said, “uncle is carrying
aunty seyi” I smiled when she said it.

The final day was a Monday, it was a public holiday. I just woke up, as I was browsing on my phone, a text came in, it read


“Am ready,” it was from seyi. I checked the time and it was 7:15am, I didn’t know where she was going. I stood up, I went outside my room and saw her at her door, she wore a very beautiful gown. I could remember, I accompanied her to the place she went to buy it.

The gown was sleeveless with beautiful flowering stripes and designs.

The first time we went out together as lovers, that was what she wore and all eyes were on us that day as we walk down the streets
of somorine. “You are looking gorgeous” I said to her, “Thank you” she replied.

“How was your night” she asked. I was surprised she asked how my night was, because on previous days when I started carrying her, she doesn’t even ask me.

This day, I noticed that her countenance changed, she seems to be in a good mood.

I told her my night was great. I carried her, she has indeed lost some more weight.

As I was taking her to the gate, she was looking into my eyes, our eyes were just gazed at each other. One singular thing on my mind was, “God please let this thing not happen,”
Is this the end of the union! Some kind of strange thoughts and imaginations started popping up on my mind. Immediately I dropped her outside the gate, she left. It looked as if I was free, I felt relieved. I realized that the decision I want to take at that moment was right and was the best. I had to rush inside the house and prepare as fast as possible, do it before I change my mind.

I took my bath and off I went to gate.

Immediately I got to fausa’s house, I knocked at the door……




……I got the most shocked when the door was opened for me…………i couldnt believe what my eyes was seeing at that moment (kini ipade aja ati asiwin) what connected fausa and this man together? ….,what have they been doing inside with this look?.,…..i could see fausa in a very small bumb shot that is nothing to differentiate it from a pant……….she wore a very skimpy top that flow up away from her navel, almost revealing everything that eyes see or that hand fold and called b0s0m……………. what i noticed in her at that very moment was that fausa’s human hair was rough and scattered.,………her brown eyes showed everything about how tired she was………….even the way she rolled her eye balls showed it all……,……….there hurry response to my knock showed it that they were behind the door smooching, kissing or doing something silly to their selves before i interfered……………….i could also see mr gbadebo holding his tie in his hand adjusting it properly slung across his neck…………..,i was on my feet staring at them as many thought are running through my mind…………what are they doing together both alone inside with this look?..,…..could they be doing something silly before my presence? Have they had s*x together?………..does it mean am sharing whom i intend to spend the rest of my life with someone?…………i was in a very high with those thought when i was called back alive by the coarse voice i heard from mr. gbadebo ‘hello youngman’ i was shocked when he said “can’t you greet??” i couldn’t atleast had the gut to even greet him that moment……..mr. gbadebo was one of the lecturer in faculty of art.., i have heard much about his womanizing…….,..and about how hard he was in bed…………’i am fine sir, sorry good afternoon sir’ i replied…………making my way into the room beside where fausa was staying………i could hear fausa saying to me in a very tired and faint voice that ‘honey please i will be back in a jiffy, wanna see him off the gate’ i didn’t do as if i hear…..
I entered the room….make my sit on the bed……..thinking of what happened…. also thinking of what to do…..beside i didn’t caught them red handed…how could i charge her prostitution…….,what can i do…,…….i began asking my mind….later my mind spoke up
my mind: we all know the last s*x u had with fausa was ended after 4 rounds…that was her limitation with a hardcore

me: you right

my mind: introduce s*x to her when she back….if she resist that means she has reached her limit for the day

Me: hmmmmm

my mind: and if she take it from u…make sure u giv her the best hard F**K and atleast 5rounds

me: u right……..i accepted the advice of my mind……i brought out my phone.., open my video menu and played the video named ‘asian butt go F***ed’ i watch for like 2mins to gain hardon……before i heard a foot step from outside..,….i hurriedly close my phone unhooked bet from my trouser and off my trouser before she entered….she was so amazed of seeing me and the shape of my J0yst!ck through the playpant in that position…..seeing me half Unclad and J0yst!ck so hard and strong pointing to the ceiling…to see my prick so hard and strong inside the boxer……..i asked her what the man came to do in her house, she started making her move toward me before she could answer my question in a seductive way…..she was releasing her bossoms from the bra and her cloth….by the time she got to me she was Unclad but remains on her d bumbshot….no man will see a b0s0m like that of fausa and wont forget his worries or won’t be healthy if atal he had been sick for the past 2years at the moment he see her nakedness………..i was in another earth and couldn’t even hear her saying something ‘he just came to say hi’ she answer in a flirting tone, using her finger to tap my lips from upper to lower……….before i could talk to what she said, she had already made her tongue inside mine….i couldn’t resist it…i held her by the waist caressing upward to her Tips beneath her bossoms..she m0an softly and we had a memorable s*x which lasted for about 1hr.30mins…………..what surprises me about fausa at the moment was that, she was damn tired before she left to see off mr lecturer..,…but returned in double double…….where does she get her sudden strength from?…..we had s*x and it was a very hardcore that lasted for 6 and half rounds……………….i got to my feet from bed for the loo…..on getting inside the loo, I almost met my demise with what I saw……




I matched on something watery and jelly that looks like a boiled starch on the floor…i almost got slided because fausa’s room floor was made of a very beautiful tiles……….i felt the waterish substance with my hand and it is very much what my mind was saying…………

“should i challenge her on this? No…she may got furious, and chose for a brake-up which I can’t allow to happen since i have no one again except only her,, i have already broke up with my seyi because of her…..so i swallowed and buried it…….before I left the loo that moment, I also saw a soaked pant with fluid,…,.i smell it and it was clearly confirmed as human semen but didn’t tell the gender of the semen!…..,was the man made use of fausa’s pant to clean up himself? Did he pour the semen to her pant when he was done?…..did they do it with pant on..or did they do it inside the toilet?????…. Or was this fausa’s semen?….did she masturbat before both me and mr lecturer’s arrival to the house? …..lailai even if she did so, the semen cant upto this level………i was sick instantly, shivering and sweating where i stood……….i didn’t know the next step to take……i stood there for like 15mins before something strike my mind…..’oh boy you need to bury what you see here as you have concluded earlier ni ooooooo…coz if you make attempt to bust this matter out…you may loose fausa and remember you have already fling away seyi out of your life….so think about it’ hmmmm i must to follow this…..,i dropped the pant and i went to meet fausa on the bed……….

Me: fausa you have not tell me what the man came here to do in your house

fausa: no mind him jare, i don’t even know he was coming even i don’t know how he got the address to my house

me: hmmmmmm

fausa: baby why this now? Can’t u trust me?

Me: why can’t i?

Fausa: then why the sigh? you no i can’t cheat on you

me: if you say so..,so didn’t u ask him how he got to know your address?

Fausa: i did but he said i shouldn’t bother and u know i can’t be questioning my lecturer too much

me: so how did u guys got connected?

Fausa: i went to see my friend in her department. he called me to help him giving a file to one lecturer adjacent to his office through the window and said i should report back to his office

me: did u go back

fausa: you don’t trust me how would i?

Me: then what happen next

fausa: another day when i was going to the library with my friend, i saw him coming while i dodged. not knowing we are going to the same section in the library

me: so it was there he got u up finally

fausa: you have a dirty mine

me: you haven’t even heard me up finish before you could say that

fausa: what do you have in your mind

me: do you want me to believe that you guys doesn’t have anything together, the way i met you?

Fausa: what are you insinuating? Are you calling me a slot? ……her eyes change….

Me: no i haven’t…..just get that through the way i met you guys…..please my baby…dont be angry….do you truly love me?

fausa: don’t ask me again…once you can’t trust me ,leave me alone…she talked in a very mocking tone and turn to other side

me: …i patted her shoulder, please dear. I am very sorry…i love you so much “why won’t I say that?. once I have nobody else to make replace

fausa: i love you too.., so you are spending the night here and you are moving to my house tomorrow….take it or leave it

me: i thought for a while…before i accept. ok dear no problem
she turn back to my side, we had kisses again and went for another round……we had sex throughout the day till we slept around 2:00am in the midnight.,…,.i woke up the next day…took my bath….took my breakfast and headed to my hostel to pack my thing……….and move to fausa’s house for a couple life living..,…

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!






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