Fausa Eleja S01 E01 – E05


The wisest person is not the one who has the fewest failures but the one who turns failures to best account. All humane things are subject to decay, And when fate summons, Monarchs must obey.

”The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time and ended it up here….”…….

…….I met her during our Gns classes when I was in 100 level in Funaab.

We sat close to each other on the same seat. I began chatting with her during the class and, after the class,
we continued the chat. She said her name was seyi. I followed her to Colnas (College Of Natural science building). She said she was in MCB(micro biology).

Few days later, I asked her out, she refused.
I already knew that’s how it would be.

Girls like her are very tough and hard to get. Before she accepted for us to date, it took about 4 months, after I have talked, begged and, all through that I never gave up on her, I love her.

There is something about her that is so different, this is the unique.

After the endless pressures. Finally she accepted; She called me on that faithful day, infact her call woke me up that morning. She told me she had something to tell me in school, that I should meet her at one of the eateries at SUB by 1pm.

After the day’s lecture, I headed for sub, I met her at one of the buka.

I sat oppositely to her seat, I was anxious to hear what she had to say, I thought maybe she had a problem but that was not it. She broke the news to me.

That she has accepted to date me. I was so happy, so joyous. The way I screamed and hugged her, she was embarrassed but I never mind. People were just looking at us. I felt God has answered my prayers.

With all excitement, I told her to follow me home; thank God she wasn’t having any other lecture for the day; me too, I wasn’t having any other lectures. She agreed and, straight away we went to somorine.

We got to somorine junction with a cab. We entered a bike (okada). As I was talking with the Okada man, I was sure he noticed I was so excited, she couldn’t ask me why.

Both of us (me and seyi) got to my house.
This is not her first time of coming to my house, she had been there couple of times but to her female friends. But this time, it was special.

The visit was only for me and nobody else.
We got to my gate, the okada dropped us, I paid him while he left. As she wanted to enter inside my room, I did something hilarious



What i did was so hilarious. I drew her back, I told her that I want to carry her on my arms, she laughed. As she was laughing, I lifted and stretched my right hand to her back region and, my left hand to her kneels, shifted it and before she could say any word, she was already on my arms with her hands circled around my neck.

She was screaming in joy and laughing as we entered through the gate. My fellow funaab housemates were outside;
they were all looking at me in surprise. Some began hailing me “bado, badoo of life”.

I laughed as one of them shouted, “Romance in action”. She thought I would drop her at the steps to my flat but, mba! I carried her straight into my room with all joy and happiness.

We didn’t have s*x. We just talked, made merriment. I cooked a nice Egusi soup for her, with chicken laps; we ate. Months later, in 200level, the relationship between i and seyi was going stronger and better. We were so fond of each other. I ordered her to moved from Camp where she was staying to my own flat which she did without questioning.;
she took one of the rooms a friend who graduated stayed. When she moved in, it made us closer. We stayed in the same house.

Everything was so sweet until Fausa, “Fausa Eleja” just like we call her in my compound came into the picture. The sweetness between i and seyi turned sour when Fausa came in..

This is how it goes:……

This faithful Thursday, the rain just finished falling, i and two of my housemates were outside with our gate wide open. We were just looking at people passing by across the gate.

We were looking when 2 young girls, one carrying pepper and the other fried fish on her head were passing by the gate. One of my house mates, Deji. He said he would love to drink garri with fish. “Garri and fish.

Ahhh for this cold weather” I said.
We laughed. He went to the gate and called them.

They came into the compound. Both the one selling the fish and pepper. Behold, the one selling the fish was so beautiful, fair in completion with hour glass shape; with oval facial shape and cute dimples, average in height. She was wearing a black trouser and white top, the clothes brought out her shape.

I barely noticed the second girl with her because she never caught my attention.

Though the second girl was chocolate skin, she was wearing a red skirt and red top. As if she was going to secret cult meeting. I assumed Both girls should be in their late teens.
I stepped aside as deji and james my other housemate were pricing the fish. Deji began toasting the fair girl (fausa). He asked her name. I guess she was shy as she sheepishly said, “Fausa”. Most of their conversations were in Yoruba. But I heard Deji telling her to come back the next day, that they would buy more fish from her. The other girl with chocolate skin was even feeling uncomfortable.

I guess she felt rejected that all attention was giving to the other Fair girl, Fausa.

When both girls had left, deji said that he would date that fausa girl, but it was just for s*x. And he is going to dump her after several satisfaction of her s*x, but………



Though there is somthing i dislike in deji which i have been trying to stop from him. Deji had always been a girl player, He changes women like a lady changes cloths. Am sure the Fausa will accept him. Because deji was endowed with sweet mouth. Moreso, She’s an indigene of abeokuta. Another major reason deji wanted to date her apart from the s*x was for free fish.

He will be getting free fish to be drinking his garri and cooking food; that was what he said.

Indeed he was getting the free fish as time went on. For one week, anytime Fausa comes around, deji and the other guys might not have money to pay, but fausa won’t disturb them.

Fausa became a familiar face in the compound, we tagged her, “Fausa Eleja”.
This particular Wednesday, I had returned from school earlier, seyi was yet to be back.

Immediately I came back, I went to bed to sleep. I was deep in sleep when I began hearing people talking and shouting; I heard a guy and a lady’s voice. “meoshee” meaning “I won’t do” the lady’s voice was saying. “Kilode” the guy’s
voice echoed. The guy’s voice became louder; I woke up immediately.

The voices became more clearer to
me, it was deji’s voice and fausa.
I opened the door and went outside the room.
I met both Fausa and deji quarreling.
From what I could deduced about their quarrel, deji grabbed Fausa’s b0s0m and she didn’t like it. He was trying to have s*x with her but she refused. Deji almost slapped her but, I grabbed his hand and suspended it on air.
He began pushing her away to leave.
Fausa said she was not leaving
unless he pays her the money he’s owing.

She said he and the other guys were owing up to N3,500. Sometimes they would collect fish from her and will not pay her. Omo this one na wahalaooo; N3,500, me no dey too they follow them dey chop finish. She started crying, I tried to pet her so she could go, but she refused. Deji wasn’t ready to do anything about it.

His anger was that fausa refused to have s*x with him. I begged till she finally carried her fish and left. Though deji was kind of shocked that fausa didn’t yield to his advances, because other indigene girls he had tried this antics on, all of them fell, but fausa didn’t.

Maybe the girl was not like other girls.
Too make the story short. The girl left after my pets.

Two days later, I was the only one back from school in the flat. I heard a knock on the door.
I went out of the room to the door of the flat to check who that was. Guess who?



I went out of the room to the door of the flat to check who that was. I opened the door and behold it was Fausa. “uncle eka san,” she said, “How are you” I asked, she said she was fine. She said she wanted to know if we want to buy fish. I began to wonder in my mind.

After everything that happened the other day.

The quarrels, tensions that generated with the N3,500 owed by my housemates; who else apart from me does she feel will buy fish from her. She still get the liver come ask if we want to buy fish. I realized she has an innocent and a kind heart. After what the other guys did to her, she still came back. I told her that I don’t want to buy and perhaps other guys who
will love to buy are not around. She said she liked me out of other guys, that I was gentle and cool headed, unlike the other guys who are rough and behave like touts.
She was speaking in Yoruba while I spoke in English; I did forms as if I am not a yoruba type due to my looks and chose english as the language I preferred.

She was just so free with me, she asked if I was
Yoruba, I told her I wasn’t. “No wonder you can’t reply me in Yoruba” she said in English ( just laughing within myself).
She was so fluent.

We began chatting and I was asking her questions about her school.
She said she just finished her WAEC and JAMB examinations and will be expecting the result to be great and, she’s hoping to use the Waec result to gain admission into FCE Osiele. I asked her why not university. She said “University is for big people”, I laughed. I encouraged her,
I told her when it’s time, she should buy the Jamb form and pick Funaab. Only if she would listen to me. We talked for about an hour that I began feeling guilty because she left the fish she was supposed to sell, and was talking with me.

I really enjoyed the conversation.
I told her to go that when she comes the next day, we will continue our discussion.
Only if she go meet me for house.
Because I had decided to sleep over at a friend’s place. Two days later in the evening, i and other guys and my girl seyi were outside chatting and playing when fausa ran inside from the gate, we almost stood up from our seats to run inside, thinking it was danger, and something was chasing her.

Not until I saw her smiling and laughing as she ran towards me and hugged me so tightly as if her life depended on it. Other guys were just standing and watching. Even seyi was kind of uncomfortable; who wouldn’t be, when a girl just went straight and hug your boyfriend right in your presence.

She released me immediately, smiling, with joy on her face. I felt maybe she had won a lottery.

“Aunty seyi good evening”, she greeted seyi.

She also greeted other guys.
Deji answered her
with a mocking tone.
The girl sef no send.

She said she just went to check her result, and guess what, she had credit in all the courses she wrote. Everybody screamed in happiness.

Fausa had managed to warm her way into our hearts in that compound. Even my girl seyi likes her. She sometimes will call her inside her roo for gisting . sometime eill prepare food for her..so she was freed to me and seyi.

Everybody except but deji, likes her.
Even though she sells fish, she comes around most times to chat with us. I really admired her “curiosity to learn.” She is not shy, she’s very beautiful that sometimes, other funaab students in other compound follow, toast her, but she refuses. Seyi started advising her to take away her mind from going to FCE Osiele. She should take Jamb and come to Funaab(Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta).

As time went on, Fausa became freer with
almost everyone. She comes around and
anytime seyi was free, she gives her some
tutorial lessons.

This particular Saturday, something happened.



This particular Saturday, other guys had earlier
travelled on Friday. Seyi went to RCCG Redemption camp and, she would go to Lagos from there. I was the only one in the flat.

Fausa came around at about 1:15pm.
She asked after seyi, I told that seyi travelled. She knew that seyi and I are dating. She said she was having some difficulties with some Jamb past questions.

Well I took her to my room.

That was not the first time she was coming into the room, but that day’s entry was special.
I taught her for an hour, I became tired of teaching. I jokingly told her she should take it to her boyfriend to teach her the rest.
She laughed, she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend; as a matter of fact, she has not dated any guy or had s*x since she was born.

I was shocked when she said that. I wondered how such a pretty girl like her, because she’s so damn pretty with a good shape, men trembling at her feet, wanting to just have a piece of her.

I asked her how old she was, she said she was 20.

This is the first time I was asking her about some intimate and personal details about her life.

She told me that many guys have been
Wooing her but she doesn’t like them.

She said the guys are bad and rough, but she loves a gentle man, cool, calm like me.

Immediately she said that, my heart did, “gbim gbimgbim.” In excitement, it was as if my bowels were rolling.

Looking at Fausa, one may think she’s not sensible and smart, but gush, she’s intelligent and smart and, she knows what she’s doing.

Since she started her tutorials in our house, she no longer speak Yoruba language much.

She speaks more of English I preferred.

“Don’t worry, I will marry you” I replied her. She laughed, “noooo, I don’t want aunty seyi to kill me ooo” she said; I smiled.

She said that am a great guy and seyi was lucky having me as her boyfriend and, if not that I was with seyi, if I ask her out, she would gladly accept. I was surprised hearing that from her mouth.
She indeed loves me.
But I am not a woman player, am not into multiple women as such, I believe in one woman for a man.
But the devil has a way of manipulating situations to his own favour.

Something in me told me that that was my
opportunity. If it were to be Deji or the other guys, dem no go dull at all, dey would jump into the offer. I started having some bad thoughts……..

“This is a great opportunity for me to have a taste of toto even for once”
“Once i won’t dump seyi for fausa. Just for fun. So i think this cant affect our affair”
“Is fausa going to buy the idea once she knows im in dating already. She only feel like dating and not kind of s*x partners”
“Should i make a move???”


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