European Super League: Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Kevin De Bruyne, Arsene Wenger and more react as controversial competition collapses

It’s a day that will long live in football’s history.

The European Super League is OFF – fans have won.

Fans have won – the European Super League has been defeated

Following incredible protests from supporters across the country, talkSPORT understands all of the clubs involved in the controversial plans are meeting on Tuesday night to disband the idea, after Premier League duo Chelsea and Manchester City pulled out of the competition.

In what has proven to be a fatal blow to the £4.6billion rebel alliance, club chiefs decided they could no longer be party to the much hated plans that threatened to rip the heart of football as we know it.

Unsurprisingly, a host of players and managers past and present have reacted to the news, and you can see the best of it below…

Kevin De Bruyne

Gary Neville

Jamie Carragher

Sir Kenny Dalglish

Jordan Henderson

Raheem Sterling

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Arsene Wenger

The Arsenal icon told beIN Sports “ I’m not surprised it didn’t last long. I never believed from the start it would happen. It ignored the basic principles of sporting merit. If you ignore that you kill the domestic leagues, so fans would never accept that. Rightly so.”

Hector Bellerin

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t just footballers and Prime Ministers who have reacted to the news.

Fans are delirious and some of the best memes are unsurprisingly surfacing on social media.

You can look at the best of those, below…

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