Eddie Hearn makes plea to Tyson Fury and John Fury for support in finalising Anthony Joshua fight, insists he is ‘confident as ever’ that clash will happen

Eddie Hearn has pleaded with Tyson Fury and his father John Fury for some support in finalising the fight with Anthony Joshua.

The rival heavyweight champions have signed contracts to meet this year, but are yet to agree a site deal necessary to fully complete the fight.

Hearn promotes Joshua, who holds the WBA, IBF and WBO world titles
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In recent days, John Fury has made a series of comments casting doubt on whether a site deal that financially satisfies the fighters can be found.

He even sent Hearn a video message telling him to ‘put up or shut up’.

Meanwhile, Tyson posted a subtle tweet earlier this week which appeared to be hinting at the deadline to finalise the site deal.

It was agreed that the camps would have four weeks to gather offers from various countries around the world – this time will expire this weekend.

John Fury always fights his son’s corner

In response, Hearn told Sky: “I saw John Fury’s comments. It’s almost like they don’t really want the fight.

“I’d like them to talk it up, rather than talk it down.

“We’re quite aware that there has been a global pandemic. We’re quite aware that it’s not easy, but we’re out there grafting away every day to get this done.

“A little bit of support would be nice, John and Tyson, thank you very much.

Fury is the WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion
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“There will be around three or four offers presented to both camps this weekend and then it’s over to them and the teams to discuss which one we want to take.

“Two fights this year. It is a summer fight. That’s everything we’re working towards and as confident as ever that this gets done.

“I know that there are some negative people out there and people that believe we can’t pull it off, but we spend a lifetime pulling things off, and I believe we will get this done, and I believe you will see this fight in the summer.

“There’s no other fight for Tyson Fury. There’s no other fight for Anthony Joshua. This is the fight. Everyone accepts that. Let’s get it done.”

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