Daddy Showkey Opens Up On His Biggest Pay Cheque As A Performer

Daddy Showkey

John Asiemo, the veteran Nigerian singer, also known as Daddy Showkey has talked about us career.

He recounted how a lady and three of her friends paid him his highest performance fee to perform for them on Victoria Island, Lagos.

Showkey made this known on an Instagram live with his fans saying, “Many years ago one lady, big woman that time, she paid me to come and play for her. On getting there me and my band now set up our instruments, this thing I am telling you happened 26 years ago on Victoria island.

“As we got there, the woman and three of her friends sat down and wanted me to just perform for them, just me saying ‘Ejor’ alone made them laugh and they would carry money and spray me

“so when I noticed what was happening I asked why they hired me she said she used to watch me on the television when I perform in Ajegunle and then she wanted to me to bring my performance to Victoria island and that woman that time was the person who paid me the highest money at that time” he said.

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