Covenant University sacks staff over forced sex with students

Some anonymous individuals have claimed that some staffers are assaulting Covenant University female students.

The claims targeted different staff members, including hall monitors, school clinic workers, and security officials.

The accusers, who took to Instagram and Twitter to raise the alarm, further tagged public figures to escalate the matter.

“Do something now. We don’t want to see your candles after we lose another girl child,” one exclaimed.

A source alleged that the staffers make difficult rules and solicit sex for studentship when the rules are broken.

“The staff in Covenant University are raping the students,” they said in the screenshot from a viral private chat.

“They’ll set stupid rules and, if the students should break them, they sleep with them in exchange for their studentship.

“A girl is in a coma now.

“She did an abortion for the head of the student disciplinary council.

“He got her pregnant and still expelled her.

“So many students there are being abused.

“It’s a Christian university for crying out loud.

“Covenant University has hidden so many deaths.

“They’ve expelled students for trying to stand up for their rights.”

Meanwhile, the management of the university has launched investigation into allegations, sacking a staff in the process.

The university alumni committee said they got the complaint about a week ago and they contacted the school management.

A statement by the Executive Council of the association said: “While the story broke on Twitter on November 21, 2022, we heard it since last week and we immediately entered the matter, spoke with them and helped them understand the issues and what they needed to do.”

The council noted that one of the people in the centre of the allegations has been sacked.

The name of the person was not given as reported by BBC Pidgin.

It said: “As we have been speaking with the university management, we heard that one of the people who has been called out many times on social media appeared before the staff disciplinary committee a few weeks ago.

“The management has terminated his employment.”

The alumni committee has promised to continue meeting with the school management for more information on the issue.


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