Confused Man Marries Both His Girlfriends at the Same Time Because He Didn’t Want to Hurt Them

The man also told local reporters that he took such a decision because he couldn’t bear the thought of having to hurt one of the girls.
In Indonesia, a man married both his girlfriends at the same time, as he couldn’t bear to watch either one of them get hurt, as reported by Vice Indonesia. In a video that has now gone viral on Facebook, an Indonesian groom, whose name remains unknown, can be seen marrying two girls, each sitting next to him.
The ceremony takes place in Airtarap, Kalimantan on August 17. The man also paid the brides’ families a handsome amount as dowry. In Indonesia, it is a common practice for the groom to pay dowry to the bride’s family. It is considered to be proof that the groom will be able to care for his bride.
Polygamy in Indonesia is also not a new concept. As per laws, a man can have up to four wives as long as he is able to provide for them.

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