Chris Eubank Jr gives fascinating insight into ‘harder road’ of boxing as the son of a legend, offers support to Conor Benn and Campbell Hatton

Chris Eubank Jr has told talkSPORT that beginning a boxing career as the son of a legend is a ‘harder road’ than the usual starting position for a professional.

The 31-year-old kicked off his journey under an immense spotlight as the child of British icon Chris Eubank Sr.

Chris Eubank Jr still takes advice from his father, Chris Eubank Sr
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The positives to this spotlight include increased media coverage and TV interest which other boxers quite literally have to fight for.

However, the negatives include additional pressure and heightened scrutiny during the early learning stages of a fledgling career.

Eubank Jr explained to talkSPORT’s James Savundra: “No, the pros do not outweigh the cons in any way, shape or form.

“We have a much harder road than the average fighter does.

Eubank Jr has his father in his corner when he first turned pro

“We have all the pressure, all the expectation, all the unfair comparisons right from the beginning.

“And we have the success rate against us too, you look back at all the world champion and their sons who tried their luck in this sport and 99 per cent of them never really made it.

“It’s very rare to have a father who was successful and then for their son to be successful also. It’s extremely rare, just doesn’t happen.

“So the pros definitely don’t outweigh the cons, it’s been an uphill battle and it will always be for a son going into the sport after a father who’s been a world champion.

Eubank Jr has now made a name for himself and linked up with Roy Jones Jr as his new coach

“But I’m always up for a challenge and I’ve relished the challenge for many years now.

“And I feel like I’ve built my own legacy, I’ve made my own path and I’m continuing to do that.

“I wish the others the best of luck too – Conor Benn and Campbell [Hatton].

“I know how hard it is, I know the struggle, I wish them the best of luck.”

Conor Benn is the son of Chris Eubank Sr’s arch rival Nigel Benn
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As Eubank Jr mentioned, Nigel Benn’s son Conor and Ricky Hatton’s son Campbell are both now on a similar journey.

Benn Jr is now at the contender stage of his career, preparing to face Samuel Vargas this Saturday.

Meanwhile Hatton Jr is right at the beginning having only just made his pro debut last month.

Eubank Jr now sees himself as having completed this quest to break out from his father’s shadow.

Campbell Hatton is the son of Ricky Hatton
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He concluded: “I’m not still dealing with it, I’ve done too much now, I’m too old, I’ve been through it.

“The beginning stages are the hardest, but once you’ve proven yourself, once you’ve proven that you are the real deal, once you’ve been in the big fights and got through the tests, you’re a man.

“So yeah, that type of pressure, the pressure of living up to your father’s name, that isn’t on me anymore – I’m my own name now.”

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