Chiormaster Raped And Killed Ruth Yakadi For Refusing To Sleep With Him

Chiormaster Raped And Killed Ruth Yakadi For Refusing To Sleep With Him

Ruth Yakadi Bako, 32, a graduate of University of Jos (UNIJOS) was killed last year December by a 29-year-old choirmaster identified as Friday Samson.

The culprit who was a security guard at the time, had raped the deceased while she was going home around 11 pm.

He was caught after Plateau Police Command launched an investigation into the gruesome murder.
According to the police, Samson killed Ruth at Angwan Jarawa in Farin-Gada area of Jos North local council. He made away with her phone.

Spokesman for the command, Alfred Alabo, said police operatives at Laranto Division, led by Pam Dauda Ishaya swung arrested one Ephraim Emmanuel who was in possession of the deceased’s phone.

Enmanuel, during interrogation, confessed to the police that his choirmaster, Samson, sold the phone to him. This led to the arrest of the main suspect.

The rapist said he don’t have any reason for what he did, he just did it, it is just w! nakedness of the heart. He said

On That day, the rapist said he just wanted to sleep with her and victim refused, due to wickedness, he raped and killed her.
The rapist is a security guard at a filling station at Farin Gada. That day, he was on duty that night and he saw the lady Ruth yakadi passing at about 11 pm.

According to the rapist he have never seen her before and he don’t know her but he called her and told her he wanted to sleep with her but she refused.

The rapist chāsed her and caught up with her. That was when he stabbed and raped her.
“She was not dead when I rap*d her, it is just wick*dness of the heart. After I rap*d her, I picked up her phone and held it for one month. After that I sold it to Ephraim Emmanuel, I did not tell him where I got the phone from just that I told him that the phone is mine. The phone is a Redmi. I started working in the filling station in August 2022 and I was being paid N28,000.” the rapist said

Emmanuel who bought the phone added, “I bought the phone because I know him as my choirmaster. He did not tell me he was not the owner of the phone and I did not know the story behind the phone. The Police tracked the phone to me and arrested me so I told them who sold the phone to me.”



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