Check Out This Village Where Boys Don’t Grow Penis Till they are Twelve

Salinas a City Where boys don’t grow penis till they are twelve. They are referred to as Guevedoce Boys of Dominican Republic, they are born as girls and only grow Penis when they reach puberty or become a Teenager.
This is not fiction from your favourite novel nor a story from Nollywood, it’s in fact, the story of one out of ninety children in a remote village in the Dominican Republic. Imagine growing up as a female child only to suddenly realise you are not supposed to be a female and suddenly start growing male organs when you hit Puberty. This is the story of the Guevedoce boys of Dominican Republic. This condition is caused as a result of a genetic condition where a child appears as a female at birth but later grows up to become a male upon nearing puberty.
The word Guevedoce means penis at twelve, and it is the name given to children that experience this rare genetic condition in Salinas, a remote village in the Dominican Republic. This condition affects one out of ninety boys in Salinas. These Guevedoce are born as a female with every female reproductive system but suddenly start experiencing a change of sexuality once they hit adolescence or puberty.
This condition is common to the people from Salinas a village in the Dominican Republic however, it has also been found in countries like Egypt, Turkey and New Guinea. In this case, the kids were usually born as girls, raised as girls only to start growing the male organ at puberty.
The History
When The Guevedoces boys are born, they are born with what looks like a vagina rather than a penis, they have no testicles and they possess every other girl qualities. Once they reach puberty, the penis starts to grow and testicles will finally drops.
However, at adulthood, Guevedoves grow up with fully functional male organs. They are known to change their names once these changes occur. Most of them often change their names at adolescence while others keep their feminine names.
Medical Condition
The case was first reported in 1970 by Dr Julianne Imperato McGinlet from Cornell Medical College in New York City, United States of America. After carefully understudying this rare medical disorder, she discovered that there was a deficient of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase which is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.
In most cases most of Guevedoces can use their male organs perfectly however, Guevedoces are known to have a smaller prostate compared to other males.
Upon careful examination, biologically, they were born as a male with the X and Y Chromosomes which defines is what defines a male. Even though they were born as a male, they possess female qualities from birth and the male qualities starts showing up at twelve or once they hit puberty.
The Medical Solution
However, when the article was published in 1970, an American pharmaceutical company called Merck decided to research and develop a drug called finasteride also known as Propecia used to correct this medical disorder and also later used to treat male pattern baldness and benign prostate growth.
The story of Guevedoves is one of the many wonders of nature even though it comes with its psychological effects on the affected children. What are your thoughts on these rare medical condition?

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