CDS Irabor Sends Military Chiefs On Courses As 70 Generals Set To Lose Position


The Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, has reportedly met with Major-Generals, Air Vce Marshals and the Rear Admirals who are members of the Regular Course 36.

Recall that Muhammadu Buhari had skipped 29 Major-Generals and appointed Farouk Yahaya as the new Chief of Army Staff.

Naija News gathered that members of the Regular Course 36 are senior to Major General Farouk Yahaya who is a member of Regular Course 37.

It was gathered that the meeting was convened with a view to tactically easing out no fewer than 70 Major General, AVMs and rear admirals out of the service.

The CDS subsequently asked members of Course 36 to proceed on courses of their choice and to no longer report at their duty posts.

Irabor asked all the members of regular course 36 across the three services to proceed on courses of their choice for the next one year.

Speaking to The Punch, a general said, “Gen Irabor made it clear to everyone that because all course 36 members of the army who are seniors of the current Chief of Army Staff, are being eased out, it would be wrong to retain their course mates in other services.

“To this end, all air vice marshals in the air force and all rear admirals in the navy that are members of Course 36 have been affected. They will not be allowed to continue to report at their respective services or at DHQ. The intention is to get all to resign without forcing them to do so.”

On why the military was taking the action, the general added, “The military now has a tradition whereby when a new chief of any of the branches is appointed, all those who senior him, including those who are in other arms of the military, are eased. This was how members of the Regular Course 35 were all eased out in February.”

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