Carl Frampton spoke openly about ‘deep hatred’ for McGuigans after court case: ‘I wouldn’t f***ing p*** on them if they were on fire’

Carl Frampton blasted the McGuigan family when he spoke openly about their relationship for the first time since their court settlement late last year.

Frampton split from his former manager and Cyclone Promotions back in 2017, then a legal dispute ensued with both parties suing each other.

The ‘Jackal’ has held nothing back when discussing his old team

The case finally went to court in late 2020 following several delays.

As proceedings took place, the McGuigans discovered thousands of emails relating to the case which previously they had been unable to find.

Proceedings were adjourned and then the dispute was settled out of court.

Frampton has now told the Anything Goes With James English podcast: “There’s no relationship, I’m just out of a court case with them which was settled.

Frampton was trained by Shane McGuigan, managed by Barry McGuigan and promoted by Blaine and Jake McGuigan
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“It was settled so no-one can say they won or anything, but what I can say is I’m very f***ing happy with the settlement. I can say that.

“But there’s no relationship, I f***ing despise them, all of them, hate them. It’s just the way it is, shame.

“Look, I like to think of myself as a nice guy and I trust everybody, I loved these guys.

“I had Shane and Jake McGuigan as groomsmen at my wedding, I was a groomsman at Shane’s wedding.

“But I have a deep hatred for them now, all of them, and I wouldn’t f***ing p*** on them if they were on fire, I genuinely mean it.”

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