Ben Chilwell recreates Chelsea training ground bust-up between Kepa Arrizabalaga and Antonio Rudiger with hilarious fake punch on Kurt Zouma

Ben Chilwell certainly saw the funny side of the Chelsea training ground bust-up between Antonio Rudiger and Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Blues defender Rudiger was sent home from Cobham on Sunday after an angry altercation followed his challenge on goalkeeper Kepa.

Kepa (middle) and Rudiger (right) fell out in a training session after losing at home to West Brom

By all accounts, it sounded pretty serious, and manager Thomas Tuchel admitted things got ‘heated’ between the pair.

However, Chilwell was keen to lighten the mood during training on Tuesday.

The left-back poked fun at his teammates by pretending to punch fellow defender Kurt Zouma, who jokingly squared up to Chilwell in response.

It suggests Kepa and Rudiger have already become the subject of some dressing room banter, now that the dust has settled.

Chilwell made light of the bust-up
Chelsea TV

Speaking about the incident on Tuesday, Tuchel offered more insight into what happened and insisted there is no ill-feeling leftover.

“It was nothing to do with the defeat [to West Brom], it was just an incident in training; it got heated up between Toni and Kepa,” said Tuchel.

“So we calmed the situation down immediately. I don’t want to play it down with anything artificial, these are things we don’t want to accept; it was unusual but they can happen.

“They are all competitors and want to win training matches. We needed to interfere in the situation, so that was serious.

“But the way the guys handled the situation, that was impressive and showed a lot of courage.

It’s case closed as far as Tuchel is concerned
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“The reaction was not okay, but the reaction to it, how the guys handled the situation, especially Toni and Kepa, was amazing and showed how much respect they have for each other.

“They cleared the air immediately. This was the most important so there was nothing left the day after. We spoke about the issue and then it was solved.

“This was the main part. They sorted it out straight after training in a very honest, humble and very direct way. That showed me they have very good character.

“Toni sorted it out directly, and it was a strong and brave thing to do. So I am happy with the way they dealt with it.”

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