Bayley reveals what she and Sasha Banks wanted to do as WWE Women’s Tag Team champions that they weren’t able to, including longer NXT run

Bayley and Sasha Banks were the inaugural Women’s Tag Team champions and the history books will always show that.

However, the run they went on to have with the belts was nothing like the envisaged.

Bayley hoped the Sasha Banks story might go to WrestleMania

The belts weren’t booked to be important. They were rarely defended or acknowledged on air and what the pair dreamt of doing with them didn’t come to fruition.

Around 18 months later, the pair began their second reign with the belts and this was totally different. Bayley and Banks were front and centre of just about every WWE show over the summer of 2020 and at one point, they were both world champions at the same time as being the tag champions.

Despite that being a much more fulfilling run, Bayley told talkSPORT there was still a lot they didn’t get to do.

“Yeah, and we still didn’t get to do as much as we wanted. But of course, we always want more. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley soaking in the moment of winning the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team titles
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“But it was the title run we wanted and definitely the one we felt we had the most fun with, we were ourselves, we got to defend them in NXT which brought Sasha back for a match with Io Shirai, so we got to do both shows and it was so much fun.

“It just kind of added to our characters at the time and it’s a really good point in our career I believe,” Bayley said.

So what did Bayley and Banks want to do?

“We just would have liked to have defended them more and have actual tag title matches. We were willing to do a RAW Women’s title matches, SmackDown Women’s title matches and Women’s Tag Title matches. We wanted to do it all! Because we’re crazy [laughs]. 


Sasha Banks and Bayley wanted to spend more time back in NXT[/caption]

“We wanted to be on NXT a couple more times because there is a bunch of girls we haven’t worked with there. We would have loved to have taken it to NXT UK which we couldn’t because we can’t travel. 

“But also, gotta be grateful because it was so much fun,” Bayley noted.

Perhaps the best part of their summer run saw Bayley and Banks collide with Asuka and Kairi Sane.

“They’re just so amazing. Obviously very, very talented. Asuka is one of my favourite people to wrestle. But Kairi was awesome too and I got to have that one match against her, I think it was her last match. 

“She’s so incredible, she’s someone I’ve been watching since the Mae Young Classic so it was cool to be able to do that with her,” Bayley admitted.

Bayley took matters into her own hands to help Sasha Banks retain

During that feud, Banks faced Asuka with the RAW Women’s championship on the line and the end of the match would see Bayley wack on a referee shirt and count the victory for her friend, somehow.

Fans were very perplexed with the outcome after it happened, but Bayley offered us a tentative explanation.

“I’m like Billie Kay with my resume. If you look on my resume, I can also be a referee. So, nothing wrong with it. I was just trying to get my girl the championship! It may not have come off the way I wanted to, but it still worked! It still got the job done,” Bayley said.

Bayley is well-known for being one of the most supportive and encouraging figures in the WWE locker room and we asked the first-ever women’s grand-slam champion who she would like to see enjoy the fruits of their labour in WWE.

Bayley and Sasha Banks still deserve their time at a major PPV

“I always want to see good things for Tamina because she is always there, she’s the most loyal superstar that we have. She’ll freaking leave her kids, get on a plane and go to wherever WWE need her to be. To fill in, to do a job, whatever it is. She’s the best, which is why so many women look up to her.

“I always say Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. They’re just so incredible and they really do put in the time to get better in the ring. They just love wrestling so much and we connect as fans of wrestling from when we were kids, telling stories from being fans as kids to now.”

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