‘Bandits Don’t Live Luxurious Life, They Have Nothing – Gumi [Video]

'Bandits Don't Live Luxurious Life, They Have Nothing - Gumi [Video]

Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Shiekh Abubakar Ahmad Gumi has disclosed that bandits who kidnap school children don’t live a luxurious life.

In an interview on AIT on Tuesday, Gumi said that the bandits live in huts and that sometimes they drink from the stream.

He added that the bandits are under attack by the Nigerian Government due to frequent bombardment and are likely to seek means to defend themselves.

Gumi asserted that the bandits will not denounce banditry, saying they won’t have other means of financing themselves if they leave the business.

He said that some of the bandits were once herders who have passed through hardship but that the government has neglected them adding no part of the Nigerian budget goes to them as a source of help.

Watch the interview below:

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