Apart from Sex: Ladies have nothing to Offer in a Relationship, True or False

I am creating a Discussion avenue between my readers, your candid opinions are highly welcome, remember its a very sensitive Debate
You should know that A healthy, happy romantic relationship typically involves:
Companionship: You spend time together.
Intimacy: You reveal parts of yourself that you usually keep hidden.
Support: You bolster each other in difficult times.
Fun: You enjoy each other’s company.
If you are attracted to women, then you’ll be having romantic relationships with women. These are the sorts of things you should expect a woman you have a romantic relationship with to offer. A woman who does not offer these things, and only offers sex, is not a woman you should have a romantic relationship with. Same deal if the woman offers those things, but you’re only interested in the sex she offers. You could have casual sex with her if both of you find that arrangement amenable, but don’t try to force your connection to be something it’s not.
In addition, when you commit to sharing your life with a woman on a long-term basis, you may create a household together and raise children together. You should expect her to offer effort in those endeavours that match your own. You might express that effort in different ways — for example, if one of you earns a wage and the other performs household labour — but however you handle it, you should look for a partner, not a freeloader.
Now let us talk about the role Men play in making our ladies appear to be only sex offering creatures
The usual trend is men inviting their woman over to their house over the weekends, Have fun, eat, outing and of course massive sex activities will be on replay by the love birds, as a Man have you ever sat your lady up and have some really deep conversations with her? Some conversations that open the brain and mind for some good reasoning.
To the guys, Apart from Just sex and sex have you ever took time to help her explore her God giving talent?
Have you ever registered her for some professional courses that will help build her Knowledge, have you enrolled her for seminars that will help her Grow intellectually?
Until you give her space to give you her possibilities, you will never observe her displaying it.
The motivation behind why she gives you simply sex is on the grounds that is the main thing you require constantly from her as far back as you both met.
Require more than sex, and afterwards, you will see her turn out in her completion.
I am actually pained when I see people say, Ladies have nothing to offer aside sex in a Relationship
My question,
Do you think Ladies have nothing to Offer aside Sex in a Relationship? True or False?
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