Anthony Joshua’s Wikipedia page edited so his record says he’s already LOST to Tyson Fury by KO – three years on from when ‘Gypsy King’ admitted he used to change Wladimir Klitschko’s page

Anthony Joshua has already lost to Tyson Fury by seventh-round knockout, according to a sly edit on his Wikipedia page today.

The unified heavyweight champion’s boxing record was anonymously sabotaged on Thursday morning – with the false information continuing to be edited as this article went to publish in the early afternoon.

The fight deal is signed, but the site deal is still to be agreed
Someone has been messing around with Joshua’s record

Instead of reading the correct slate of 24-1 with no fight scheduled, AJ’s record was put down as 24-2, attributing a July 10, 2021 loss to Fury by KO at Wembley Stadium.

The truth of course is that the rival heavyweight champions have signed contracts to fight this year, but are yet to finalise a site deal and have certainly not met in the ring to date.

It is hoped everything will soon be put in place to make the bout official, but this is the case at present.

AJ’s Wikipedia page was most likely edited by a fan, but perhaps there could be one other funny explanation.

Fury used to play Wikipedia mind games with Klitschko, but there’s no indication it’s actually him again this time
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Fury himself revealed back in 2018 that he was once banned from the site because he kept going in and messing with Wladimir Klitschko’s page.

When asked if it was true he’d been playing online mind games, Fury told BT Sport at the time: “Yes it is true, until I got banned from Wikipedia.

“I did it because it I wanted to prove that, because it is a public site, anyone can write whatever they want on there.

“If you want to go on and edit my profile, you can.

“Have I edited my own? No I have never edited anything on mine.

“But because I am the lineal champion, someone keeps going on and writing I am retired, I am clearly not retired.

“So I keep changing it back to active and someone else keeps changing it to retired. Someone obviously wants me retired.”

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