Achraf Hakimi to receive half of ex-wife’s net worth in divorce settlement

Achraf Hakimi rumored to receive half of ex-wife’s net worth in divorce settlement

According to reports from various online news sources, it was rumored that Achraf Hakimi, a footballer from Morocco, would be receiving half of his ex-wife Hiba Abouk’s net worth as part of their divorce settlement.

Initially, it was claimed that Abouk was unable to acquire half of Hakimi’s €70 million fortune, as he had allegedly transferred all his assets to his mother’s name.

New reports, however, suggest that the situation may be different.

It is now being insinuated that Hakimi could be entitled to receive half of his wife’s properties.

Abouk filed for divorce in March 2023, following accusations that the PSG full-back had raped her.

She reportedly demanded half of Hakimi’s fortune in the divorce proceedings, but was surprised to learn that he did not have any assets in his name.

It should be noted that the claim that Hakimi may be entitled to half of Abouk’s wealth could not be verified.

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