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50 Greatest Don Jazzy’s Nigerian Music Production


Over the years, The Nigerian music industry has evolved, and I am not speaking in terms of music alone.

It takes a whole village of creatives to put good music together, and we are talking music producers, directors, music executives, writers, and the likes.

Today, we are focusing on one music producer, whose creativity has and expertise has done so much for the music industry – Don Jazzy, the co-founder of the now-defunct Mo’Hits record and the founder of Mavin Records that’s not just a music label, but an academy.

Don Jazzy has contributed to the production of numerous songs over the last 20 years. In this article, we have put together 50 of Don Jazzy’s greatest productions.

1. Why Me – D’Banj

Why Me was released by Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, widely known as D’banj in the year 2006, Off the album, Runtown. At this time, D’Banj was still a member of the Mo’Hits group, co-headed by Don Jazzy. Why Me is an Afrobeat/ Afropop song that tells the story of a one-night stand, that wanted to turn into a regular business, that the singer was not available for. It became a popular song in its year of release and to date.

2. Tongolo – D’banj

The song Tongolo has, and will always be a hit. Tongolo is a song off D’Banj’s debut album, “No Long Thing”, and also happens to be my personal favorite. Tongo has all the right vibes and will switch your mood from 0 -100 real quick. I believe it still has that effect. Tongolo can be recorded as one of Don Baba J’s greatest production ever.

3. Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is the song D’Banj hypnotized music lovers with. Everywhere you go, Oliver Twist comes blast through the speaks. Be it at the clubhouses, or in the streets. The title of the song needs no formal introduction, as you can already tell the meaning. Oliver Twist is a hit song from the 4th Studio album of the artists, “King Don Come”. It was his first official release under Good Music, a record label founded by Ye in the year 2004.

4. Suddenly

All the way from the album “The Entertainer”, released in 2008, D’Banj came through with yet another monster hit dubbed, Suddenly. The Don Jazzy-produced track is a party Jam, that was fit to be played any and everywhere, and received massive airplay even years after its release.

5. Igwe

Igwe by D’Banj features vocals from the one and only Ace musician, Don Jazzy. Igwe officially translates to “King”  in Igbo league, and that’s D’banj essentially letting us know that he is the King of Afropop. On the track Igwe, the singer infused some Igbo into his lyrics and

6. Scape Goat

Scape Goat was a song that caught the attention of fans all over the world. D’banj promised to be a scapegoat for the woman he loves, which is what we all do when we fall in love right, we become a scapegoat to them. The production of scapegoat was handled by Don Jazzy.

7. Fall In Love

Fall in love was a quite controversial song because of who the artist featured in its music video. I don’t know how he did it, but D’banj managed to convince ace Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji to be on his music video.It came as such a shock to most Nigerians as they could not help but assume that the duo was an item at the time. I mean the chemistry was on point, to say the least. Fall In Love is a typical love song, in which D’banj ended up proposing to Genevieve in the music video. It was magical. We love a musician who knows how to pull a stunt.

8. Mo Gbono Feli Feli

With Backing Vocals from the Don, as well as production credit, Mo Gbono Feli Feli was a hit back in the day.As the name implies, it means “Hottness”, being the most sought after in a space. And to be honest, that’s who D’banj was at the time. One of the hottest and baddest in the game. The song was premier in the year 2008, also off the album, The Entertainer.

9. Kimon

A lot of songs were put out in the year 2008, and Kimon was one of them. Another Don-Jazzy produced an impressive track. It was also from the album, The Entertainer, his 3rd studio album, under Mo’hits records.

10. If You Dey Craze

The track If You Dey Craze also a track off D’Banj’s 4th studio album, The Entertainer, dropped in 2008. It’s an Afrobeat song produced by Don baba Jay.
The song is also a joint between D’banj and his brother, K-Switch, who was also a member of Mo’hits records back in the days.

11. Olorun Maje

Olorun Maje is a song solely for haters and those who keep batting their eyelashes at you, and want you to fail at every opportunity they get.
This song says “God Forbid”, which is the direct meaning of the title, “Olorun Maje”. It’s a very thoughtful song, with addictive and catchy vibes. It also has relatable lyrics. Kudos to D’banj.

12. Mr. Endowed

Mr. Endowed, a song by D’banj, which also serves as one of his nicknames to date. The Koko master teams up with Don Jazzy for dome powerful vocals, as they both deliver their verses. The track, which was released back in the year 2015, was produced by Don Jazzy.

13. Ololufe – Wande Coal

Ololufe is a love song by Wande Coal. “Ololufe“, meaning “Lover’ also from the stables of Mo’Hits and off his studio album, Curriculum Vitae, released in 2007. On the impressive track, Ololufe, Wande Coal begs his lover not to leave him, as she is the only one he’s got. It’s a song that is capable of melting even the toughest of hearts.

14. Taboo – Wande Coal

Taboo by Wande Coal is another love song from the stables of Mo’Hits. The veteran singer released the music back in the yea 2009, and it’s an impressive one. Taboo is off the studio album, Mushin To Mohits.

15. Go Low – Wande Coal

Go Low is a party song by Wane Coal that rocked both the clubs and the streets. The song is such a classic and was released in the year 2015, off the album, Selection. It is also one of Don Jazzy’s biggest productions.

16. Ten-Ten – Wande Coal

Ten Ten is a song by Wande Coal but features Mo’Hits all-stars. It’s another classic all the way from Mo’Hits records and was released in the year 2009. On this groovy track, Wande Coal tells his lover that he is not going to play with her love, as Ten-Ten means games.

17. Se Na Like This – Wande Coal

Yet again, Nigerian multi-talent, Wande Coal comes through with this amazing track dubbed, Se Na Like This. This impressive and thoughtful song is off his Album Mushin 2 Mohits released in 2009. Another impressive production of Don Jazzy’s.

18. That’s Wots Up – Wande Coal

Wande Coal’s That’s Wots Up serves as a hit single from the talented artist studio album Mushin To MoHits released under MoHits record on the 12th of April, 2009.

19. Rotate – Wande Coal

Rotate is a song by serial hit-maker, Wande Coal, that was premiered in the year 2015, off the album, Selection. The song is a certified club banger, It is highly danceable, and made sure to turn heads back in the early days of its release.

20. You Bad – Wande Coal ft D’banj

Talented Nigerian Singer, Wande Coal presents this amazing track titled You Bad featuring D Banj. This impressive song is off his Album Mushin 2 Mohits released in 2009. You Bad was produced by Don Jazzy

21. Oga Titus by “D’Prince”

Oga Titus was one of the hit songs dropped by the Supreme Mavin Dynasty in 2016. It was a decent song from D’Prince and ruled the airwaves for quite sometime. It currently has 1.4million videos on YouTube and was one of those records that sealed Don Jazzy’s supremacy as a record label executive after the nasty split with D’Banj his former lead artist and business partner.

22. Take Banana by “D’Prince”

Take Banana was a revolutionary song when it dropped in 2014. The hook on this record was repeated at least 72 times, and the production is just outright superb. This is one of those monster hit songs that Don Jazzy forced out of D’Prince, his younger brother and label signee at the time.

23. Jonzing World by “D’Prince”

Jonzing World is a 2010 collaboration between D’Prince, Wizkid & Jesse Jags who were all the newest kids on the block at the time. Jonzing world is an old record from the mo-hits era when D’Prince was regarded as a legend at crafting catchy hooks and slangs which somehow always seeped into ‘pop culture’ at the time.

24. Now Is The Time by Ikechukwu

Now is the time is the third track off Ikechukwu’s 2011 Album, Alliance Reconstructed. The track featured Don Jazzy who sang the chorus and equally produced the track. It’s a catchy highlife record punctuated by fast-paced sing-song lyrics from Ikechukwu that almost sounds like rap.

25. Whine Am Well by “Ikechukwu, D’Banj & Don Jazzy

Whine Am Well is a collaboration by Ikechukwu, Don Jazzy & D’Banj. It was released by Ikechukwu-owned World Famous Akademy in 2008. It was later re-released by D’Banj in his Carnival Street Bangers album in 2009. In 2010, Don Jazzy announced that he’d canceled Ikechukwu’s album deal with the record label.

26. Dorobucci by Mavin

Dorobucci was 2014 single released by The Mavins, a collective that followed the split of the Mo-hits label and the formation of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty. The track included Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, and Di’Jah.

It started as a hashtag dropped by Don Jazzy on Twitter going viral and boom, it became one of the biggest songs of the year.

27. Looku Looku by Mavins

Looku Looku is another hit record from the Mavin Collective. This record was led by Don Jazzy himself and also included Reekado Banks, Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello, D’Prince and Di’Jah.

28. All Is In Order by Mavins

This is a 2020 record from the Mavin New Gen & Don Jazzy. The song boasted of a very catchy chorus from Don Jazzy and stellar performances from Korede Bello, Rema, Crayon & DNA.

29. Janta Manta by Mavins

Janta Manta was released by the Mavins in 2015 as an album and single which included almost everyone on the roster; Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, & DiJah.

30. Close To You by Mo Hits All-Stars

Close To You was a hit record off the Mo-Hits All-Stars album in 2007, Curriculum Vitae. The song included Wande Coal who had the chorus on lockdown with his delectable voice and D’Banj, Dr Sid, D’Prince, and Ikechukwu with a cameo appearance in the video.

31. Pere by Mo Hits All-Stars

Pere was a monster hit from the Mo Hits All Stars album from 2007, Curriculum Vitae. It included D’Banj, Wande Coal, D’Prince, and Don Jazzy. Pere was on wide rotation all over the country in 2007 and was one of the biggest songs of the year at the time.

32. “Been Long You Saw Me” – Wande Coal (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

Wande Coal decided to get back into the Music Scene with three Singles Go Low, Been Long You Saw Me & Private Trips.

Released in 2011, Been Long You Saw Me, An Uptemo record produced by Don Jazzy rocked all Nigerian clubs and banger heavy on speakers. Wande Coal used this single at the time to address rumors that he had left Mo’hit and he was on Rehab.

33. “The Kick” – Wande Coal (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

In 2013, Wande Coal hit the air with a single titled “The Kick”, featuring Don Jazzy, ‘Don baba J’. Don Jazzy who also is the producer behind the song production blessed this record with a lovely kick and vocal. Feel the beat and rhyme! below

The Kick, which came with a catchy music video, was released after Mo’Hit changed to Mavin Records.

34. “Bumper 2 Bumper” – Wande Coal (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

This was the uptempo song that blew Wande Coal, made him break boundaries and everyone anticipated his debut album. 2 years ago when I was in Mushin, Some of them dey yinmu yinmu, eh
Nisiyin mo ti lowo mo flashy, mo classy, Won mo pe mo lenu lenu eh
Ejo ma lo binu binu, Come follow me spend my money
Make you follow me….

Released after Ololufe, ‘Bumper 2 Bumper’ produced by Don Jazzy banged in Nigeria, Africa and some part of Europe. This song welcomed WC’s ‘Mushin2Mo’hit’ album.

35. “Pop Champagne” – Dr Sid (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

This record by Dr. Sid, produced by Don Jazzy is a song of celebration. Pop Champagne visuals is the 2nd Video off Dr SID’s Turning Point Album. Directed by Walt Banger for Banger Soup Productions and shot at Tribeca Night Club in Lagos.

Dr Sid recruited the Koko Master D’banj on Pop Champagne and they both created a club banger!!!

36. “Over The Moon” – Dr Sid (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

Dr Sid released Over The Moon as a follow-up to the successful ‘Pop Champagne’.

I I I I I I I feel like am flying over the moon
I I I I I I I baby I feel like am flying over over the moon…

The Don Jazzy produced record features Kay Switch (D’Banj’s younger brother). Over The Moon also got a lovely visual starring Tiwa Savage. It served as the 3rd video off Dr Sid’s debut album Turning Point, Directed by Dj Tee and shot on a location in Akwa Ibom at the Le’ Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort.

37. “Something About You” – Dr Sid (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

Before ‘Pop Champagne’ and ‘Over The Moon’, Dr Sid blessed music fans with Something About You, produced by Don Jazzy. This song paved the way for the previously mentioned 2 singles and it came alongside a music video which was the 1st video off Dr Sid’s debut album Turning Point.

38. “Winchi Winchi” – Dr Sid (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

Released on: 2010-04-11 and Produced by Don Jazzy, Winchi Winchi features Wande Coal and was one of the hit singles that featured on Dr Sid’s debut album, ‘Turning Point’.
Don Jazzy did magic with the production of this song and Wande Coal delivered an infectious hook/chorus that blew ‘Winchi Winchi’.

39. “Surulere” – Dr Sid (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

This is another classic Don Jazzy production. SURULERE is off Dr Sid’s sophomore album SIDUCTION. The song title means patience is rewarding and turned into a monster hit single for Dr Sid.
The video had guest appearances from Funke Akindele, Helen Paul and Blossom Chukwujekwu and tells a story of a young couple who find it difficult to have a baby. Despite pressure from the extended family, the couple stay together and finally conceive.

Surulere after a huge successful play and take over got a remix featuring Wizkid and Phyno.

40. “Goody Bag” – D’Prince (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

D’Prince is here! “Goody Bag” is one of the Singles from D’Prince Album, FRENZY, Produced by Don Jazzy.
The song is an uptempo record, a dance tune with catchy lyrics and goody vibe. Aside from production, Don Jazzy contributed to the song’s chorus and did some adlibs.
Goody Bag was released under MAVIN and the video was Directed by Adasa Cookey.41. “Give It To Me” – D’Prince (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

It’s Don Jazzy Again!!! D’Prince and D’Banj join forces on this smash hit titled “Give It To Me”.
The song is a special track that rocked clubhouses and banged heavily on Nigerian speakers. Koko Master D’banj responded to D’Prince call and gave him a fire verse with a melody that blended well with Don Jazzy’s production and hook.

41. “OYO” – D’Prince (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

In a world of 7.2 billion people, a league of united nations, and powerful government organizations, D’Prince takes a stab at reality with a simple message “You are on your own”.
Arguably one of Don Jazzy’s finest productions yet. O.Y.O (On Your Own) is a thoughtful Afrobeat-inspired single from D’Prince. O.Y.O is a wake-up call to each and every one of us who have grown comfortable with the idea of building our personal hustle around other people who are occupied with their own hustle; it’s time to start fighting for yourself. In many ways O.Y.O is also a warning to those few among us who hardly care about the rest of us; when the proverbial shit hits the fan (as it usually does), you my dear will be packing it on your own. Enjoy!

42. Eminado

Eminado is Nigerians’ favorite Tiwa x Don Jazzy’s Collaboration. Don’t leave Without My Heart comes close, but it was Eminado that made favs love the duo more.

Eminado simply means ‘Good Luck Charm’. It was released as the seventh single from Tiwa’s debut studio album, Once Upon a time(2013). The jam is a typical love song, with Don Jazzy’s rapsy bass and Tiwa’s sultry vocals, it became a hit and received many positive reviews.

Considering the amount of love shown to this project, many didn’t bother finding out who produced the song. It shouldn’t surprise you much to know, Ace producer, artist, influencer Don Jazzy is the mastermind behind the beats and the baritone. He didn’t just lend her his voice, he was practically her good luck charm.

43. My Darling

It’s safe to say Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy understand each other when it comes to making music. In 2015, Tiwa Savage released My Darling amidst controversy on her marital life. The love song was to acclaim and reaffirm her affection for the one she loves. It is a single project but samples the vocals of Don Jazzy.

My Darling was produced by Don Jazzy and was jointly produced alongside his prodigy, Baby Fresh. From the infectious beats, you got to give it to Don Baba J that he is simply the best.

44. Up To Something

Up To Something was Iyanya’s first single after Don Jazzy signed him to Mavin records in 2017. Iyanya decided to introduce himself to the World with the help of Don Jazzy x Dr. Sid.

The song is catchy, groovy, and easy to vibe with. The vocals were on point, delivery top-notch and the beats still remain exceptional. It’s the first thing that gets your attention and it shouldn’t surprise you that Don Jazzy produced the song for Iyanya. When it comes to the hit songs in the music industry, we can confidently say Don Jazzy produced 80% of them.

45. Godwin

Godwin is the song that Introduced Korede Bello to Kings and Queens. The song is good that it became an anthem in churches, clubs, you name it. It was released in 2015, a year after Dorobucci and it was produced by yours truly, Don Jazzy.

“Ma..Mavin, Eehhh… Eehhh

Korede Bello, Don Jazzy Again o
Omo lope, Mega superstar oh…”

Don Jazzy wasn’t featured on this track, but he introduced the song for Korede Bello.

46. Romantic – Korede Bello ft Tiwa Savage

Two things hit you when you listen to Romantic by Korede Bello, the beats and Tiwa’s x Korede vocals.

Mavin Mega Superstar and Godwin singer Korede Bello teamed up with the then SMD first lady Tiwa Savage for Romantic, a beautiful record produced by Don Jazzy.

Romantic, released in 2016 was Korede’s first single for the year after the huge success of Godwin.vIt featured Ex-Mavin Queen, Tiwa Savage and it’s still a favorite of many Nigerians.

In 2022, The sound found itself on TikTok as many users used the sound to make wonderful and creative content.

47. Katapot  – Reekado Banks

In 2015, after winning “Rookie Of The Year” at the 2014 Headies Awards, Reekado Banks released Katapot off his Spotlight album.

The deep, mysterious tune was a way to prove to haters that he deserved the headies award and also for Don Jazzy to prove he is the best at what he does.

Don Jazzy did an amazing job in passing Reekado Banks’ conceptualized narration of love, hatred, and envy with his beats. The use of talking drums and other string instruments gave the song the extra boost it needed.

48. Awww – Dija

Di‘ja or Afro Di’ja as She is known by Many rose into Limelight with Awww. The song made many realize how talented she really is.

Aww is a melodious sing-tale that captures love from a bold lover’s perspective with a fresh approach and a happy ever after-feel. The song redefines Africa music standards in every sense of it.

It was released in 2014 and produced by Don Jazzy. This is also another proof that Don Jazzy understands this production game. He was able to pass Di’ja’s message with the beats.

49. BOUNCE – Rema

You know it’s a banger whenever the Lady crooner shouts ‘Another Banger!’. Bounce released in 2021 and produced by Don Jazzy was Rema’s debut single.

For the first time since signing to Mavin Records in 2019, Rema worked with the label’s godfather, Don Jazzy. On Bounce Don Baba J switches things up and delivers a menacing, fast-paced production, unlike anything we’ve heard from him before. Rema shared his excitement about Don Jazzy producing the track for him and hopes of more productions.



Its Don Jazzy again
Its Don Jazzy O Don Jazzy

Grammy and three-time BET award-winning Afro-fusion Superstar, Burna Boy reinvents himself yet again in a banging new tune titled ‘Question‘ featuring Mavin boss, Don Jazzy.

Produced by Don Jazzy, ‘Question‘ was Burna Boy’s second single in 2021, follow up to the hit track ‘Kilometer’ which was released shortly after his Grammy Win. Don Baba J delivered a dope production that went along with grassroots authenticity boasts unashamedly of The African Giant’s roots.

Just for the record, Don Jazzy is the King of Production, A divine producer (Demi-god)

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